GDP 04 T and rising!

India clocked 04 trillion in GDP – the fifth economy in the world trailing behind Japan and Germany. It’s not a small achievement that other global economies struggle under tough conditions. Pakistan would be excited if they managed with a $04 million IMF loan. 

Low mindset & cheap thrill of Pakistani, on being booted out of the match. They blame DRS, the toss, the pitch, and the ball with a chip, and attack the Indian celebrities with the creature-like mindset. They show no grace in accepting defeat in a sports event. They use their justification of failures in the name of God and defame him too. Unfortunately, our neighbor’s culture is in a decay mode. 

The people of Pakistan are suffering from inflation and, a shortage of food, water, and electricity and have grounded 320 PIA planes for lack of money to pay for fuel but do have money to test fire Ababeel missile. The misplaced priorities in Pakistan have already spelled it doomsday to come sooner!

Despite India’s proven capability in world cricket by scoring 10/10 convincingly. Several records broken are registered in the name of Indians yet it missed out in finals.  Luck did run out in its spree. 

In a democracy- opposition and strong opposition are welcome and healthy to keep a balance and check but if the opposition crosses limits and goes against one’s own people, society, and the country it gets dangerously toxic and people must be aware this will lead to self destruct of the nation. 

Israel is a good example of how the opposition Unites as one against an external threat. The dangerous enemy is the enemy who is within!

The egg and chicken prices seem to be in a steadying trend and hope to see better rates this quarter. 

India has made impressive leaps in technology, education, and several sectors nevertheless the election process is still based on short-term sops and goodies that most of the parties offer. It will be quite some time that goodies in the form of cash, goods, and drinks are only bait that cannot keep the promises that society expects. 

The Israelis argue that Arabs are not satisfied with the vacation of Palestinian territory but only with the elimination of Jews!  Why are the borders of Palestine not open on humanitarian grounds by the neighboring Arab countries- that’s a serious question to answer! It is political and religious reasons but definitely not humanitarian. Mixing religion in a society in several matters can and will have its negative consequences. Being intolerant and promoting violence in the name of God is being questioned.  It is suicidal to bring religion over nationalism. We see tens of countries always embroiled in violence and hatred for the other. 

Poultry India Show is buzzing with an expectation of the return of the same glory prior to the pandemic. It’s a welcome sign in the Industry.