GADVASU conducts Dairy Stakeholders Workshop

A one day workshop on the theme Opportunity and Challenge in Dairy Farming was conducted by Directorate of Extension Education, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana in association with Progressive Livestock Farmer’s Association (PLFA) & Centre for Excellence for Dairy Skills in India (CEDSI) on November 9, 2023. S. Inderjeet Singh; Director Dairy Development (Retd.), Government of Punjab informed that CEDSI is an autonomous institution committed to dairy skill development in India and aims to ensure sustainability and profitability in the dairy sector through skilling & capacity building, policy advocacy, knowledge management and research. S. Jaswant Singh Kalsi, Chief Operating Officer; CEDSI explained different market forces affecting dairy business. He talked about various ups and downs in dairy scenario. With the latest know how and communication channels, new dimensions of dairy entrepreneurship are opening up. CEDSI will cater to those needs of its stakeholders.

Giving the key note address Dr JPS Gill, Director of Research of the university; highlighted the challenges & opportunities in dairy development. He reiterated that sufficient green fodder availability through improved varieties is must to thrive in dairy farming. Environment sustainable dairy production and integrated farming should be promoted. More emphasis should be on value addition of milk and extension services.

Dr. Ramandeep Singh Director Business Studies, PAU, Ludhiana pointed three qualities which every stakeholder must possess to be successful in the business i.e. Knowledge, Passion and Fire within.  He stressed upon acquiring latest knowhow through various courses and seminars to sustain in the race. He advised the farmers to focus on inputs, storage, transportation, processing, marketing and consumer’s choice. Various milk products can be developed if marketing is done through systematically data based analysis.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Soni, Associate Professor, Department of Renewable Energy, PAU gave a talk on Waste Management and how an entrepreneur can generate income from dung. He discussed various models of gobar gas plants and appealed to every dairy farmer to install such plants so that they can reduce their cost of production and safeguard the environment by Green House Gas (GHG) mitigation.

One of the main diseases affecting dairy animals is Mastitis. It is causing huge losses to the farmers and affecting the quality of milk as well. Dr CS Randhawa, Former Head, Department of Veterinary Medicine explained nicely the causes, symptoms, line of treatments and precautions to prevent such a costly disease. He cleared certain myths regarding the traditional treatment methods applied by the dairy owners.  He stressed upon teat cleanliness, milking machine hygiene and dry therapy.

Dr Parminder Singh, Professor Animal Nutrition requested the farmers not to burn paddy straw (PS). He discussed various methods of utilization of PS in the dairy farm. He explained the urea treatment process to improve the utilization of PS and its utilization as cattle feed to make it more economical. By scientific treatment of PS, it can be safely consumed @ 5-7 kg per animal on daily basis.

Sh. Rupinder Singh, President Buffalo Farmer Association; discussed the activities of the organization. He asked every buffalo farmer to participate in the forth coming Buffalo Show. He requested each stakeholder to focus on breeding and genetic improvement in buffalo.

S. Sandeep Singh Randhawa, President PLFA briefed the activities and vision of the association.  He also showed concerned about the availability of good quality semen suitable to Punjab conditions. He pointed towards non uniform rates of milk prevailing in different regions of the state. He asked the farmers to explore self marketing avenues.