Finger Your Future

The politics of religion has to come to an end. As people get knowledgeable- society progresses. But in democracy – where the tilt to the opposite can happen with a single vote on the other side – things go wrong. The motive to win the elections at all costs by keeping the people ignorant, playing with their misled passion buying out votes, and going against all ethics and principles just to win votes is being exposed due to the strong social media, WhatsApp group, and direct digital communications. The media which shaped world opinion in the past has come to a crash as they are exposed to be bought out by media of the vested interests. The era of media manipulation is over now.

A country cannot survive and thrive only based on the religious belief that may promote violence and believes in killing and getting killed with incentives for both. That is definitely not a religion. Countries based only on such religious philosophies are the worst for the world to see. Belief and religion should be personal liberty and should never become an aspect of a country. What if the same religious groups are divided and busy naming and killing each other in the name of God as we see happening in the world as we speak.

Peace-loving religions are the key to the survival of humanity. India is the cradle of all the religious belief systems of the world. All communities have taken refuge, welcomed, and grown with security in the Indian philosophy which respects human life. In Hindus, they not only respect human beings but also cows, monkeys, snakes, trees, rivers, stones, rivers, sun moon, and name any creation of the God and so the world exists peacefully. Now the world talks of Vegan, saving rivers, soil conservation, protecting the animals with huge NGO’s funding it- which is the default inherent of a person born in India. Now the world begins to recognize this uniqueness. India believes in the concept of the whole world as a single-family – “Vasudaivika Kutumbakam”.

Let us elect any leader irrespective of the party, clan, or creed but those who will promote peace and growth of human existence. Let us not promote persons who are power or fame-hungry for their personal reasons and not society’s. Good idea to shed the family and dynasty rule that has failed in performance. This does not mean a family member should not be in politics but let him or her be selected on merit rather than the inheritance of rule over 130 crores of the peaceful population. Even a laborer thinks big of himself when he throws money for his tea in a roadside teashop- the attitude of a person but he does not perceive that a tea seller can also be not only a national leader but a globally respected personality. You make a difference – vote wisely – exercise your strengths. Do vote, use the power of your influence in deciding your own destiny- “finger your future”. 

The tragedy is that the world is able to see and recognize the potential of India being the global leader due to its strong more than 5000-year-old recorded civilization. The same is blind to the Indians themselves because of having lived in manipulated unclean politics which needs an urgent change.

The Wuhan Virus has taken its new avatar in the form of Omicron now. As of now, it is not ranked as dangerous as no substantial deaths have been linked to it so far. Covid19- Delta-Omicron – we can expect new variants in the future too. Business is affected for most except for hospitals, related medical industry, and insurance but not for the common man and most of the population.

The legislation getting more anti-Poultry farmers seems to be raising again its head. While most of the states are talking about promoting and encouraging Ease of Doing Business – the Andhra Pradesh government seems to be getting back into License Raj. It is indeed very sad – the industry already struggling under innumerable crises year on year has this to deliver a final blow. Can people unite and raise voices so that what is happening in AP if not properly handled it is only time before similar laws will be enforced on other governments that can implement it regardless of the welfare of the farmers.