Eagle Trax™: Intelligent hatchery software that turns data into performance

Hatcheries have a wealth of valuable data available. Unlocking the potential of thatdata presents a major opportunity to improve the overall performance of hatcheriesas well as of the entire value chain. With Eagle Trax™, Petersime offers the firstintelligent hatchery software that turns data into maximum poultry performance.

Hatcheries: a key stage in poultry production

Optimising the poultry value chain is crucial in this time when hatcheries are becoming larger and more integratedand end customers are putting more pressure on the total chain. Each poultry chain segment must deliver the bestpossible quality in the most efficient way to the next segment, so that in the end, overall quality and efficiency of thevalue chain are guaranteed. Hatcheries play a key role: They need to maximise the genetic potential that is inside the hatching eggs to ensure a reliable output of healthy, uniform day-old chicks.

In daily practice, hatcheries face numerous challenges to achieve this goal: planning millions of hatching eggs with differentbackgrounds, dealing with variable operator skills, and much more. The new Eagle Trax™ cloud-based data solution is Petersime’s answer to this: It enables data-driven optimisation of hatchery operations to help hatcheries overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Intelligent hatchery software: unlocking the potential of data

Being the nerve centre of the value chain, hatcherieshave a massive amount of valuable dataavailable. At thesame time, it is notable how often that data is not being used to its fullest potential. It is kept in hand-written records,or, when digitised, the common method is to use spreadsheets or separate software systems that are not able tocommunicate with each other. Consequently, key information and valuable insights cannot be extracted and used.

A better way is to consolidateall relevant data in one place:Eagle Trax™ by Petersime is the first intelligent hatchery software that turns data into maximum poultry performance. It allows hatcheriesto digitise, analyse and optimally use datato advance ever more in hatchery efficiency, productivity and chick quality.


Advantages of Eagle Trax™

Thanks to its data-driven intelligence, Eagle Trax™ incorporates powerful functionalities that enable hatchery managersto take control of their operations and achievethe results they want.

First,Eagle Trax™ ensures oversightof thehatchery production floorto monitor and control the entire hatchery (Basic module). Second, it enables anintegrated control ofthe core hatchery management processesincluding farm, egg, order and set plan management (Trax module). A set plan overview makes it easy to monitor and plan the daily workload of the hatchery team. Third, it transforms data into powerful tools for the hatchery,for instance predictive management tools for hatchery maintenance (Maintenance module). Eagle Trax™ is also the first solution that offers digitised, automated working procedures for hatchery operators, reducing the dependency on individual skills and eliminating human error.

Moreover, Eagle Trax™ is intuitive and simple to use, with a clean interfaceand customisable real-time dashboards.It alsointegrates with ERP systems, ensuring the whole hatchery operation can work more efficiently and effectively. As a secure cloud-based software, it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, regardless of device type (desktop, tablet or smartphone) or user location (office, home or field).

Future-proof solution

Eagle Trax™ will continue to grow and so will the customer’s possibilities of confidently meeting the future challenges ofthe poultry industry.New functionalities and modules will be continuously added to the software over time, including the integration of Artificial Intelligence.Five months after the initial launch of Eagle Trax™, the latestrelease at VIV Europebrings interestingnew functionalities:

Instant flock overview in setters and hatchers:

Every flock is identified by a unique colour. Thanks to this colour-coding system, it is possible to track and trace where eggs from each breeder flock are located in the hatchery and quickly isolate a flock in case of contamination.

Automatic data report generationafter each incubation cycle:

The software automatically analyses fully integrated setter-hatcher cycles, which makes the reportingmuch more relevant and makes it easier to trace back possible issues.

Analysis including candling data and chick counting data:

By entering the candling data, it is possible to monitor production outcome and fertility per flock. Added with the chick counting data, a full performance analysis of the incubation process becomes a reality.

The approach to use big data for better overall poultry performance has a positive industry-wide impact as well as important advantages to the individual hatchery.