DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. 1st Quarter Cycle Meeting

From Left to Right: Mr. Baskaran Natrajan, Mr. Dharmendra T V), Mr. Siddharth Mukherjee, Mr. Arun Chauhan, Mr. Rajshekhar Reddy, Dr. Pradeep Linge (Business Advisor & Consultant), Dr. Sandeep Gupta (MD), Mr. Navneet Jain (National Sales Head), Dr. Ravi Meshram (Product Marketing Manager), Mr. Raju Suram Reddy, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar, Mr. Birendra Panchal (Asst.Product Manager), Mr. Rahul Dwivedi (HR & Admin)

DSAND Animal Nutrition located in Indore organized two days 1st Quarter Cycle Meeting for new Marketing Year 2022-23 held on 7th and 8th June (Tuesday, Wednesday), 2022 in Indore at Pride Hotel & Convention Centre Indore.

Session 1

The meeting started sharp at 9:30 am on 7th June 2022 with Welcome opening remarks by Mr. Navneet Jain (National Sales Head, DSAND Animal Nutrition). He briefed about the legacy of the DSAND Animal Nutrition and the Members associated with the DSAND Family. A detailed introduction session was hosted by Mr. Navneet Jain, and all the participating members introduced themselves one by one.

A Brief Introduction of Dr. Sandeep Gupta (MD), DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. was presented by Dr. Ravi Meshram (Product Marketing Manager, DSAND Animal Nutrition). He introduced DSAND founder Dr. Sandeep Gupta as a visionary entrepreneur with strong technical knowledge and expertise in Animal feed supplement premixes with over 15 years of experience in Poultry nutrition and Feed supplements. He holds Ph. D. in Animal Nutrition from NDVSU, Jabalpur, along with a management course of GMPE, IIM Indore. He holds Ph. D. in Animal Nutrition from NDVSU, Jabalpur, along with a management course of GMPE, IIM Indore. He has done several research studies on feed particle sizes, enzyme supplementation, and cysteine protease enzyme supplementation in broiler and Kadaknath diets. In dairy, he has developed and successfully launched nutritional formulations for milk yield improvement, milk fat, optimum reproduction, and mastitis condition. He has also published several papers in national, and international journals and compendiums.

A brief introduction of Dr. Pradeep Linge (Business Advisor & Consultant, DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.) was presented by Dr. Sandeep Gupta (MD, DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd).  Dr. Pradeep Linge is the Director of AVIVET Nutritional Services Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Sandeep Gupta added Dr. Pradeep Linge as an enthusiastic person with more than 35 years of experience in Sales Management & Agribusiness and currently handling Business Development, Market analysis, and Veterinary Medicine Planning for Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Products as well as Dairy Products.

Dr. Ravi Meshram presented the company profile of DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. Started by mentioning the Mission, Vision, and Values of the company. Further, he added about the Business growth of the company and the Research & Innovations happening in the company. After this, he introduced the key products of the company and also the upcoming products which are in pipeline to hit the market in different fields. He also added about the expansion plans of the company mentioning the construction of the new factory in 6725 sq. ft area with more than 2Cr Fixed cost investment, Expansion of storage area for finished feed and raw materials, Plan to increase our overall production by 3-5X over next one year.

General Presentation of the animal feed industry, an overview was given by Dr. Pradeep Linge (Consultant, Dsand Animal Nutrition). A commercial and technical presence of DSAND Animal Nutrition. He elaborated on some of the key points about the company such as the Stable Financial situation, Constant look at the possible introduction of new solutions. Strategic move into the Aqua business, Export order received, New Food Laboratory, Upgradation of Plant and Some new associations at Global and Local level will be announced soon. In addition, Dr. Pradeep Linge discussed the Animal Feed Market Estimates and Realizable Market Size in INDIA.

A product session on company products is conducted and presented by Dr. Ravi Meshram. Starting from the key products Proease followed by Growease, Superclausii WS, and Bactozest. The detailed product information of each and every product is explained thoroughly. He also added that DSAND Animal Nutrition’s Growease made a place in the top 10 finalists for the Animal Feed technology and Nutrition (AFTaN) Awards at VICTAM 2022. DSAND Animal Nutrition’s three products Proease, Growease, and Superclausii were nominated in the top ten innovative products in this prestigious international award. DSAND Animal Nutrition’s Growease Poultry is selected among the top 13 short-list of finalists for the Animal Feed Technology and Nutrition (AFTRaN) Awards. The Product session was followed by a Question-and-Answer session after each product session.

An interesting and interactive presentation of the day was given by Dr. Ganatra (Technical and Sales consultant, DSAND Animal Nutrition). He presented his ideas to sharpen the product’s technical and sales performance. Furthermore, at the end he conducted a Question-and-Answer session related to the Product details and also give prizes to the top three participants was given by Mr. Navneet Jain. At the end of the first-day session a Feedback and query session was also conducted.

Session 2

On Day 2 the Second session of the meeting started sharp at 9:30 am on 8th June 2022. The second session of the meeting started with an energetic motivational presentation to boost the performance of the sales team. An all-India Sales presentation was given by Mr. Navneet K Jain, detailing the past performance of the sales of the company. Also, the sales strategy and sales targets were discussed for the upcoming quarter of the current financial year 22-2023.

From the mid-afternoon session zone, wise sales presentations were given by the Zonal Sales managers of different zones. Starting from Mr. Arun Chauhan of North Zone, Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar (Lucknow), Mr. Siddharth Mukherjee (Kolkata), Mr. Baskaran Natrajan (Namakkal), Mr. Dharmendra T V (Bangalore), Mr. Raju Suram Reddy (Telangana) and Mr. Rajshekhar Reddy (Andhra Pradesh). All the Zonal sales managers presented the sales performance in their Areas. Further sales strategies are discussed to improve the sales performance. In the closing session Day feedback and Query, session was conducted by Mr. Rahul Dwivedi (HR & Admin, DSAND Animal Nutrition). At the end of the second session of the 1st Quarter Cycle Meeting of the new Marketing Year 2022-23, The Meeting concluded at 6:00 PM on 8th June 2022 with a vote of thanks by Mr. Navneet Jain.