Desired Properties of an Ideal Growth Promoter

Supplementing animal feed with antimicrobial agents to enhance growth has been common practice for more than 50 years. The most well-known mechanism how Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) exert their beneficial effect is that they have an antibacterial action which favours performance by:

(1) reducing the incidence and severity of subclinical infections

(2) reducing the microbial use of nutrients

(3) improving absorption of nutrients because of thinning of the intestinal wall, and

(4) reducing the quantity of growth-depressing metabolites produced by Gram-positive bacteria.

This means, the action of AGP is restricted majorly to intestinal tract only and the AGPs do not exert growth-promoting effects in germ-free animals (although no animal is germ free in farming conditions). Moreover, now the AGPs cannot be used freely to promote growth and performance. A growing global concern of antibiotic use in animal diets due to its potential adverse effects on human health, food safety and the environment has led to a complete ban or restricted use in many countries, and, at the same time, expanding options for the use of alternative feed additives.  

While looking for an ideal alternative to AGP, it is important to understand that growth and performance cannot be attributed to just one dimension within the body. Although the gut is the most important system for growth, it does not work in isolation. The other important organs which have significant influence on growth and performance are the immune system and Liver. A healthy gastro-intestinal system, healthy liver and strong immunity is important to achieve the maximum production potential. 

Digestive tract, liver, and immune system work in coordination to maintain homeostasis as well as prevent diseases, in turn maximize the utilization of dietary nutrients and further leads to improvement in production. The gut represents a continuously evolving ecosystem where a dynamic interaction between host immune, neuro-endocrine and entero-endocrine cells take place.

In commercial farming conditions, there are various unavoidable stressors like environment, management, vaccination, feed shift etc. Over and above, genetically superior birds and animals are under tremendous production stress. These stressors disturb the positive balance of the microbiota within the gut and influence the integrity of intestinal lining. Therefore, it becomes critical to take care of general immunity of birds and animals so that uninterrupted performance can be achieved.

The liver, being one of the most vital organs of the body, constitutes the lifeline system of the birds and animals. The liver plays a major role in digestion, metabolism, and utilization of feed nutrients. Being the chief metabolic organ and at the centre of several digestive, metabolic and productive activities, the liver is constantly challenged by microbial and chemical toxins. It is imperative to ensure that the Liver is always well protected and is in good health.

Norgain, a natural growth promoter, validated by several field and academic trials, is composed of phytocompounds which comprehensively takes care of intestinal health, liver health and general immunity. Norgain improves digestive process, controls gut microflora to create eubiosis, strengthens liver and enhances overall immunity of birds and animals. This results in improved growth and performance in the form of better weight gain and FCR.