Colossal and magnificent participation of INDIAN HERBS in VIV ASIA Bangkok

INDIAN HERBS, pioneer and global market leader in Herbal Animal Health Care Products Industry since 1951, participated in VIV ASIA held at Bangkok, Thailand,8th to10thMarch, 2023 with its strong technical and marketing team.  It was a colossal and magnificent event and our stall was visited by our global business partners, customers, consultants and poultry nutritionists. The sales and marketing team extended a warm welcome to all the visiting customers and consultants at INDIAN HERBS stall.

Being a pioneer of Veterinary Ayurveda, INDIAN HERBShas been continuously innovating to give the world innovative phytogenic feed supplements and healthcare products. Innovation is what always keeps us at the forefront of discoveries in phytogenics. With the holistic approach of ‘Traditional Glory and Modern Science’, INDIAN HERBSis dedicated to transform ‘Herbalism’ into a ‘Dynamic, scientifically validated and evidence based science’. INDIAN HERBS offer unique phytogenic alternatives for synthetic products with superior efficacy at lower cost which are free from side effects and residual toxicity. The company is catering to wide range of animal species including poultry, ruminants, equine, swine, pets, aquatic and other animal species for more than seven decades. Realizing the emerging challenges of animal industry, INDIAN HERBSinnovated natural alternates in segments such as antimicrobial growth promote AGPs), immunopotentiator, metabolic stimulant, gut enhancers,  respiratory anti-septic, anti-stressand adaptogen for different species. INDIAN HERBS phytogenic solutions are unique since there is an advantage of combination of several plant-derived bioactive and phyto-compounds, and their synergistic effects than a single component that empowers our products to exploit the animals full genetic potential, promote growth, immunity & for control of diseases. On basis of advanced scientific techniques, safety, efficacy and mechanism of action of products is deciphered successfully.

Our product portfolio is constituted by 230 + products for poultry, cattle, swine, equine, aqua and companion animals. We strictly adhere to quality norms, comply with the regulatory compliances and we have core competence in research and development. INDIAN HERBS has very diligently invested in research and development activities.  Our R&D and QC laboratories are well equipped with the state-of-the-art scientific instruments to ensure quality and consistency of our products. We rigorously pursue product quality control and scientific validations. Product quality control on basis of herbal standardization and phyto-analytical profiling. Product safety and efficacy is validated on basis of scientific trials in collaboration with global research institutes and veterinary universities.

The products of INDIAN HERBS are natural, safe, efficacious, environment friendly, hence there is no withdrawal period of these herbal products. Therefore, the herbal products are becoming clear choice for the consultants and farmers. These products are suitable to produce ANTIBIOTIC FREE CHICKEN / EGGS.  Looking to the harmful after-effects of synthetic medicines, the veterinarians, consultants and farmers all over the world are now taking keen interest in the use of herbal feed supplements and health care products and Indian Herbs is dedicated to   promote the use of natural products for the betterment of animal health and production performance.

INDIAN HERBS is successfully marketing its products to more than 50 counties across four continents including Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa successfully.  In many countries, these products are under active consideration for granting registration or authorization for marketing. INDIAN HERBS has also received the certificate from EXPORT INSPECTION COUNCIL OF INDIA, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of Indiaand was the first Herbal Company to get this recognition. The R&D Centre of INDIAN HERBS, which is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, since 1986, is well equipped with the best available state of the art modern facilities for standardization and quality control of herbal products. 

The stall of INDIAN HEBRS attracted a large number of global visitors, including feed millers, integrators, large farmers, consultants, nutritionist and distributors etc. All the queries of the visitors were answered by the technical team of INDIAN HERBS to their best satisfaction.  With a re-affirmation of our vision and following a path to sustainability and global well-being, INDIAN HERBSis committed to support animal healthcare industry and esteemed customers by all means.    INDIAN HERBS is committed to foster the wellbeing of animals through nature’s bliss and caters antibiotic free, residue and resistance free, environment friendly, cost effective phytogenic solutions for animal healthcare and ensuring feed to food safety.

We are indebted to all our customers, patrons, scientists and well-wishers for their support, cooperation and guidance.  We look forward to explore new business dimensions and to receive your continued cooperation in future as well.