Centay India exhibits in South Asia’s largest Poultry Expo 2023, at Hyderabad, India.

Centay India participated in 15th Poultry India Expo organised at Hitex city exhibition hall, Hyderabad
from 22nd to 24th November, 2023.
We showcased our advanced & innovative range of feed and water supplement products meant for
poultry farm management like Eggril (for non-laying birds), Shvaas Eez (for Mycoplasma, CRD & CCRD),
Descalant Vet DS (for cleaning of cooling pads, nipples and pipelines), Cop-Ap-Plus (Acidified liquid
copper sulphate) to help poultry stakeholders op-mize performance and achieve focused goals and
mark our presence at global level.
Dr Naresh Gupta, Director, Centay India & Saurabh Poultry, informed that the company is working very
aggressively, to op-mise feed cost and to help farmers to improve their efficiency and profitability.
Saurabh Gupta, Director, Centay India & Saurabh Poultry educated customers about the latest nanotechnology
product Shvaas Eez which gives significant relief from Mycoplasma, CRD & CCRD. We
received a lot of queries for distribution of our products from South India and neighbouring countries
like Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. We are thankful to all the visitors, existing customers and key
stakeholders for visiting our stall and making the show a success. We are keen to answer any queries
regarding our products and we look forward to interact with all of you soon.