Bharat – A Cradle to many Religions

India is home to many a religion- In fact, it is a cradle of many a religion. The Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas are all so vast that even a devout Hindu may not be able to study them all in his lifetime. The texts and the teachings of Mahabaratha and Ramayana are dated to about 3500-5000 years old dating back to the Indus valley civilization.

St. Thomas Christian’s in Kerala was established in the 1st century AD. There are 226 Registered Christian Denominations in India. There are 24,010 registered Madrasas in  India. The first one was in Kolkata in 1780 AD.

Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Parsis all have originated, survived & prospered here in this auspicious holy land with a spirit of respect and accommodation to mankind. 1000 years of Mughal and British rule failed to demolish the values of this great Hindu Civilization. Scores of Islamic types live in India.

People in India are Hindus or were Hindus in the past – period. So not wrong to say Indians are either Hindus or Converts!

Human life is invaluable but some make it easily dispensable and worthy of trade- Indeed sad. Religious heads interpret the same book differently as per their perception. One may indeed practice one’s own religion of birth or choice but needn’t become an agent to hard-sell to each and every other Soul – hook or crook, by force or by bait. The segment that falls victim to such conversions is weak in mind and body. For belief has to be out of love and understanding rather than sword and reward- this should not be a trade. Many institutions running into tens of thousands in India have transferred tax-free money under the cloak of a religious representation. The Priest community always abused their power irrespective of which religion they belong to. Ignorance and poverty will be the first victims of such preaching.

To bring religion into every step of life is myopic instead of bringing humanity into every step of life. It’s better to be an Atheist but Humane rather than a religious but cruel.

Let alone the world but Indians themselves are ignorant of articles 30 & 30A of the Indian constitution. The exploitation and abuse of the majority by the so-called particular minority is not sustainable.

Education and awareness are the keys. The mindset of medieval times will be replaced with knowledge and wisdom in times to come.

The topic of religion is sensitive to create misunderstanding and disputes as the emotions are stirred and this is exactly what the society is exploited with. But men of learning and maturity need to have an open mind and discuss so that hatred is replaced by peace and love in society.

The summer is causing the desired effect on farming with higher mortality.

India has managed to shine internationally carefully meandering through the mine-filed of the Ukraine-Russia war and the politics of Europe & USA to take either side in this war. India still prefers to supply food and medicine to humans rather than bombs and guns to the warring parties. Arming untrained innocent civilians will invite merciless killing by the opponent army – so what is the intent of this act- it is highly questionable?

India unilaterally condemns war and killings irrespective of whether it is by Russia or Ukraine nevertheless it will never let down its commitment to its all-weather trusted friend who stood like a rock in the history of its relationship with India. The west with myopic relationships is unable to understand this.

The Foreign Ministry and the diplomacy of India are at their peak. Heads and delegations are queuing up to have a relationship with India purely on the merit that India accords. Be it China, the UK, Russia, Australia, and so on.

Petty domestic politics are a bigger issue compared to the international arena.