Awareness & Implementation Webinar on the topic “Indian Standards on Cattle Feed & Feed Ingredients”

BIS in association with CLFMA OF INDIA organized an “Awareness and Implementation Webinar on ‘Indian Standards on Cattle feed and feed ingredients’.

Inaugurating the Webinar, Shri. Sanjay Pant, Deputy Director General (Standardization-II), BIS, emphasized the Role of Indian standards to strengthen the Cattle feed sector in India. He assured handholding by BIS at every step to support the Cattle feed industry in implementation and certification of Indian standards.

Ms Suneeti Toteja, Scientist E & Head, Food & Agriculture Department, BIS delivered Welcome & briefed on Programme Objectives.

Shri. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, Chairman of CLFMA OF INDIA in his address to the participants, highlighted the need for effective implementation of Indian Standards both for Compounded Cattle Feed as well as Feed ingredients, in order to achieve the desired quality of the feedstuffs.

Dr. R. K. Singh, Ex. Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Izatnagar delivered Keynote address.

Ms. Nitasha Doger, Scientist D, Food & Agriculture Department, BIS, delivered presentation on the topic “Indian Standards on Cattle Feed and Feed Ingredients”. She briefed on BIS and its core activities in detail. She explained on the Scope of FADC, Standards Formulation Structure and its process, Animal Husbandry, Feeds & Equipment, Sectional Committee FAD5, Indian Standards on Compounded Cattle Feeds, Important Requirements in Indian Standards on Compounded Cattle Feed, IS 2052:2009 Compounded Feeds for Cattle, Ingredients for Compounded Cattle Feed, Indian Standards on Feed Ingredients, Oil Cakes as Feed Ingredients, Grain By-Products as feed Ingredients, Feed Supplements, Requirements in Mineral Supplements, Agro Industries Bye Products as feed ingredients IS 14325, Bypass protein feed for cattle & requirements for by-pass protein feed, etc.

Dr. V Sridhar – Senior General Manager – National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Nagpur delivered presentation on the topic “New Developments in Indian Standards on Cattle Feed and Feed Ingredients”. Dr. V. Sridhar explained in detail on the Dairy Sector in India, challenges to continued growth, efficient feeding management, consequences of imbalanced feeding in early lactation, body condition score (BIS), efficient feeding management, present scenario for reproductive disorders in India, importance of energy in reproduction, importance of protein in reproduction, role of vitamins and minerals, efficient feed management, revised BIS specification, Cattle Feed, Specification of DORB, Cotton Seed.

Shri. Shouvik Chanda, Joint Director, Scientist-D, BIS delivered presentation on the topic “Overview of BIS Conformity Assessment for awareness and implementation of Indian Standards on Cattle Feed and Feed Ingredients”. In his presentation he covered BIS Act, BIS regulations 2018, Conformity Assessment Scheme of BIS, Overview of the Certification Process, Overview of Information to be provided in Application, Product Certification, Process and guidelines, questions answered by products, manual essential features and advantages of BIS certification, essential features and advantages of bis certification,

important development in product certification. BIS certificate on cattle feed and feed ingredients, etc. in detail.

The registration for the Webinar was around 306 Nos & the Webinar was attended by around 256 participants with significant participation from micro and medium-scale industries.