Aviagen India’s Venkatesh GunasekaranStrengthens Global Nutrition Team with Expertise, Passion and Commitment

Aviagen® India is pleased to announce that VenkateshGunasekaran, Technical Manager for Aviagen India since 2020, has been appointed to Aviagen’s Global Nutrition Team. This team is dedicated to promoting bird welfare, sustainability, and performance through optimal nutrition. In this new role, he will share the latest nutrition advice with customers across India, as well as with his colleagues at Aviagen India.

“Good nourishment from the start of a bird’s life is vital. I am excited to join the Global Nutrition team, as this role will allow me to make a difference by helping to continually improve the health and robustness of both our internal flocks and the birds we provide to poultry producers,” commented Venkatesh.

Marc Scott, Business Manager for Aviagen India, added that this appointment is a recognition of the considerable talent within the India team. “Aviagen India realizes that to breed the best, we need the best, and we therefore seek to expand our operations with the industry’s most insightful, bright and passionate poultry professionals. With his background and insight, Venkatesh will greatly benefit our customers, as well as our internal teams in their efforts to strengthen the poultry industry throughout the country.”

Venkatesh will report directly to Marcelo Silva, Aviagen’s Global Head of Nutrition Services.

“We welcome Venkatesh to the Global Nutrition team. He will be a valuable asset to our team as we work to enhance bird health, welfare and sustainability through good nutrition. Through this mission, we promotethe economic sustainability of our customers and their ability to feed the world,” concluded Marcelo.