Alltech India hosts Poultry School in Karnal, Haryana

The Alltech India teamrecentlyorganizeda Poultry School in Karnal, Haryana,on Saturday, November 19, to share the latest studies, innovative solutionsand best feed milling practices with its poultry customers. The eventwas a great success, with 70 major poultry producers, feed millers and market leaders actively participating.


Dr. Nick Adams, Alltech’s global director of mycotoxin management, presented on ‘Mycotoxins-Facts and Mitigation’discussing on managing mycotoxins in the feed chain. He asked attendees to think twice about clean feed, speaking about the importance of gut health, grain quality and highlighting the ways that Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis and Alltech RAPIREAD®can mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins.


The renowned nutritionist Dr. Pradeep Mahajan captured the audience’s attention with his presentation,‘Feed Ingredients: Quality and Processing’. He shared insights on different raw materials, their selection criteria, nutrient composition, extraction process and best feed milling practices.


In the final session, Dr. Lokesh Gupta, seniorregional technical manager – Poultry (South Asia) discussed on ‘Maximizing nutrient digestibility and profit’. He presented the history of Alltech enzymes and shared the uniqueness of solid-state fermentation technology and its benefits in maximizing feed efficiency with greater savings.


The gathering also witnessed a special moment, as Alltech team along withDr. Sayed Aman, managing director of India and regional director of South Asia for Alltech, launched the company’s newest product in the enzyme category, Allzyme® Prime, a unique multi-enzyme complex.


Contact: Dr. Manish Chaurasia, Marketing Manager, South Asia; +91 8130890989