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As a part of Advancia Academy, Adisseo hosted two back-to-back seminars in the cities of Haryana (Jind – Lakshya Inn) and (Karnal – Vivaan) on July 29th and 30th, 2022 respectively. North India is a very promising poultry-producing territory in India. This territory consists of integrated farming, commercial feed operations, breeder’s operations, and layer farming, with the increase in demand for Broiler meat and eggs either post covid or in general, getting good quality raw material is also a big challenge for Poultry Producers. Optimizing the feed cost with the high volatility of raw material is one of the big challenges faced by all Poultry Producers. Feed formulation utilizing maximum efficacy of nutrients of raw material is an important challenge being faced by all Nutritionists. Enzymes play a very critical role to reduce the feed cost which directly helps farmers to increase their profitability. The use of the right enzymes with the right matrix values is very important. Apart from feed challenges due to weather fluctuations, Current disease outbreaks have made the market more challenging. In Breeder’s operations, either fertility or hatching egg quality is one of the most important parameters where organic trace minerals especially hydroxy Se Methionine plays an important role. Multimycotoxin management is also one of the important aspects these days. Gut Health is the biggest challenge, and the right probiotic impact positively on gut health. To address the above-mentioned challenges, Adisseo organized two seminars and received an overwhelming response in Jind and Karnal which included Breeder farmers, Consultants, Feed millers, Nutritionists, Layer farmers along with eminent thought leaders from Industry. 

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Our first session on Jind was conducted on July 29th. Our external speaker was Dr. Sudipto Haldar from AgriVet, holding a Ph.D. Degree in Animal Nutrition and 22 years’ experience. During the seminar at Jind, Dr. Haldar gave insights about the use of Organic Trace minerals and the key to extracting more from the progeny through parents. Optimum trace minerals usage, their critical levels, and their utilization in the body. Organic minerals deliver more than inorganic ones and he emphasized the role of Selenium as a safeguard against stress and how the antioxidant system modulates by dietary Selenium. He emphasized that the most bioavailable form right now for Selenium is 2-hydroxy-4-methylselenobutanoic acid. Its bioavailability is 28.8% higher than that of Se Yeast. He emphasized that the Selection of the right source of Se for breeding hens is important because it is this Se that after getting transferred to the eggs provides the chick embryo to fight oxidative stress. An introduction of a new stable supplemental form of Se (HMSeBA) could be considered as the next step in improving the Se nutrition in poultry.

Our Second speaker for the day was Dr. Amrita Dhara having throughout experience in the Broiler Breeder segment, commercial broilers, and hatchery operations. He discussed the disease scenario in the Broiler breeder in Asia and breeding Hen Mortality and its infectious and non-infectious causes. He discussed the problems that are seen in North India Breeders like Sudden death syndrome, its prevention and control, and control measures to be taken to prevent LPAI. The session ended with a note on a quick guide to making a differential disease diagnosis.

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Our internal speaker, Dr. Denise Cardoso, Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from France and working as Global Scientific and Technical Manager for Antioxidant solutions. Her expertise in Minerals, specifically Selenium and their role in Breeders. She discussed the free radicals in the body system and the role of Selenium in all levels of defense. She also discussed the third-generation Pure forms and 100% bioavailability of OHSeMet as compared to Se Yeast having a bioavailability of 60%. Selisseo which is a flagship product of Adisseo has a positive effect on breeder performance and progeny enhancement. Many trial studies have been discussed in the forum about the increase in egg production, hatchability, and fertility percentage. Organic Selenium for breeders, Improved hatchability and viability of newly hatched chicks, and Possible long-term maternal effect on progeny.

All the presentations were appreciated by our guests for the day, eminent consultants who have joined us from Jind. 

We have our second Advancia Academy program in Karnal on July 30th, where more than 65+ participants were present. 

Our Guest speaker was Dr. Sudipto Haldar who discussed the right way to use enzymes in feed as variability in raw materials is the biggest enemy and with the right addition of enzymes, we can blunt the variations. He discussed the in-practice matrix values which are assigned to the enzymes for the least cost feed formulation. These matrix values are generated from animal studies and are typically for calcium, phosphorus, sodium, amino acids, and energy. He emphasized on the authenticity of these matrix values depends to a great extent on the stability of the enzyme product during the steps of feed processing. He showed the importance of the first and second enzymes that is Phytase and Xylanase/NSPase in the feed formulation and the role of good phytase. He also discussed about the selection of enzymes is governed by the raw materials – for example, in wheat-based diet xylanase is a must. Research shows that with maize-based diets xylanase/NSPase may have tremendous effects since maize grain contains about 49% of arabinoxylans. In a maize-based diet, amylase plays a very critical role in neutralizing the negative effect of variable starch digestibility. Phytase and Xylanase complement each other. He also discussed that an enzyme matrix does not follow the simple addition theory. It is very important to understand the undigested fraction of feed and accordingly set the formulations. He emphasized the Probiotic enzyme synergism and the characteristic of the best probiotic as non-hemolytic, prevents cell toxicity, and must not possess any antibiotic-resistant genes. He believes that Nutrition acumen is very important when enzyme matrix values are applied, and an over-simplification may prove suicidal. 

It ended up with an invigorating Q&A session from the participants.

Our Internal speaker for the day was Dr. Marcio Ceccantini, an integral part of Adisseo for the last 21 years as Technical Support Director on Feed Digestibility and Solutions in Addiseo, France SAS. Dr. Marcio discussed the FEEDASE concept and the Feedase predictor. He discussed the Antinutritional factors present in the feed in broilers and each 1% increase in phytate decreased the feed digestibility by 0.49%. He also gives the relationship between the enzymatic response and substrate level. Dr. Marcio also discussed the key differences in arabinoses and xyloses of Cereal and Protein meals. He emphasized that by measuring the ANF better contribution from enzymes can be achieved. Addiseo R&D team has created NIR Calibrations about wet chemistry. Addiseo is an important player in the feed market for the last 25 years. Rovabio strain is 100%Adisseo patented for feed and food application. Talaromyces versatilis is a fungus and strongest genome for enzyme expression. The fermentation of Talaromyces versatilis results in the production of a complex of 19 different enzyme activities including Xylanases, B Glucanases, Debranching enzymes, Cellulases, Pectinases, Proteases, and others. In the end, he advised that it is very important to understand how to improve digestibility in feed by evaluating the correct amount of nutrients, knowing ANFs and having good information about the carbohydrase being used, and understanding the combined and overall effect of enzymes. Thus, FEEDASE is the enzyme solution to improve feed digestibility by targeting an indigestible fraction of raw materials.

Dr. Sujit Kulkarni, Commercial Director- Indian subcontinent for Adisseo Animal Nutrition led the event by sharing the details of Addisseo Corporate functionality, a leader in the heart of the food chain. Vision and Mission of Addisseo that says- To feed the planet in a high-quality, affordable, and sustainable way.  Adisseo’s key figures are more than 1.69 bn Euros of turnover in 2021. Adisseo is committed to R&D with 10 centers across where more than 200 people are dedicated to Research work and serving globally to more than 110 countries and 3900 customers around the world. Key business ambition is to cross 2.5 Bn Euros very soon. He discussed the range of solutions that Adisseo offers apart from being one of the global leaders in Methionine and Vitamins. Adisseo offers a variety of products in the feed specialty range. We are also proud to share that we have the biggest plant in Nanjing province China. Dr. Kulkarni also conveyed to participants that Adisseo offers sustainable solutions to minimize losses and increase profitability. 

 Dr. Shaveta Sood, Marketing & Specialty Business Development Manager for Indian Sub-Continent. She discussed the Adisseo R&D on Nutrition and Technology front. She discussed the Nutritional services that Adisseo provides to the key clients which include PNE Services (Precise Nutritional Evaluation) for better understanding of Raw materials, NIR Services offered to feed producers, ADICT (Adisseo Calculator tool) to use real nutritional values in feed formulations and Rovabio Predictor tool (Customized tool to maximize the matrix values of enzymes).  With Adisseo, a database of 135 nutrients and 82 Raw materials, equations sourcing from Feedipedia is available for Indian sub-continent Customers/Nutritionists and Consultants. She also discussed the mycotoxin management program which Adisseo offers to their customers. 

Dr. Vikas Shukla- Regional Category Manager, Adisseo discussed the role of medium chain fatty acid, FRA C12- Lauric acid in controlling pathogens and maintaining the gut balance between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. He also discussed the Alterion, a unique probiotic solution from Adisseo. The rest of the team leads were Mr. Gurdeep Singh, Sales Manager North India, and Mr. Niraj Gupta, Technical Engineer- Methionine. 

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Adisseo felicitates key speakers and key opinion leaders from the industry.

Adisseo is a worldwide leader in Animal Nutrition. A few important landmarks are, In 2015, Adisseo becomes the first international company to be listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 2018, Adisseo acquires Nutriad, having a varied range of products. In 2020, the creation of CALYSSEO, A JV with Calysta for an alternative protein source. Adisseo Portfolio includes Methionine and a Speciality Range of Products. Adisseo serves around the World.

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