Uniform – Unites!

The Ukraine- Russia crisis is leading to another global turmoil.  The world took a beating and is still recovering from two years of pandemic. The stock markets and the world’s attention is now focused on calming down the crisis which is best avoidable for all concerned. Besides stoking the ego there is no outcome of such an attitude between the Russians/NATO/Americans- the scape-goat now is the Ukraine. The shipping lines will be disturbed with war like conditions and cause disruption and increased freight with higher costs.

The recent Hijab crisis in the schools are causing hardship and discord among children going to school. The purpose of the school uniform is not to have any kind of discrimination among students at the place of study. This has been a law and well respected all the while. One needs to follow the law of the land. Can any foreigner dare to violate any code in the middle-east against the local tradition of dresses? One needs to respect without any discrimination. What if all other religions also insist on such freedom – the whole school would be in discord. Let better sense prevail where uniformity and peace prevails over forced discrimination in young minds. Several professions have dress-codes to be followed, like a Pilot, surgeon, security forces and so on, will not these be an hindrance in seeking such jobs?

The Uniform unites students without driving any wedge among children based on caste, religion, wealth etc. We must not support anything that plants seeds of division among young minds of the children. Do not allow religion and politics to seep into educational institutions. For the religious minded there are already religious schools exclusively available for those to practise freely as per their belief.

The easing out of the Omicron virus has helped India to start to open up the schools and businesses as normal. This should help boost the consumption of the egg and chicken with more restaurants and travelling population- which is a good sign for the farmers.

There needs to be a stronger focus on the alternative raw materials to offset the high feed cost. There is no dearth of alternative raw materials in India but then not sufficient research has been done to make it safer to use them scientifically – this is the need of the hour. 

Pakistan is on the way to destruction of its economy due to wrong policies and unhealthy politics. The trust of the people is being lost. The government always sighted the Kashmir cause as a reason to bolster the army at the cost of the welfare of the people of Pakistan. The army has systematically looted the country and also used terror outfits to fight their enemies and carry out illicit activities. They have strained relations with all their neighbours and also suffer attacks by terrorist promoted and supported by themselves earlier. The Balochistan Liberation Army is regularly attacking the weak Pakistan army that is not able to stand against the determination of the BLA. There are several other terror outfits that also keep their attacks regularly inflicting consistent damage to the people.

Poultry is steadily moving into production of more safer animal protein for human consumption. This is also the need of the hour. How much are the farmers aligned to meet the standards to achieve such requirements? It starts from the breeder, feed producer, farming and until the delivery of the egg or chicken at the consumers plate?

Focus will shift to use of additives such as good quality toxin solutions, prebiotics and probiotics, essential oils, farm hygiene which means a holistic approach to the production of chicken and egg is unavoidable. Are we ready for this, is a big question?