“Technology cannot replace humanity. But, technology in the hands of great learners can create a positive change.”

Abiding by its philosophy of “ making you more competitive” Rossari – AHN empowers poultry producers by providing innovative nutritional solutions and technical updates with present trends & developments on varied subjects of importance for current-day poultry production. 

Rossari Animal Health & Nutrition segment recently organised a Technical Knowledge Forum at Hotel Babylon, Raipur on December 07, 2022. During this session, we shared insightful knowledge and recent technological advancements with 50+ poultry breeders & layer farmers, consultants, and business partners of the company. 

Followed by the welcome note, Dr Shambhavi presented a brief introduction of the company showcasing its manufacturing strength, R&D & QC developments, our market presence and the flagship brand products. 

Dr Sushil Dhariwal, Poultry Consultant & Breeder Expert, had a detailed discussion on  Broiler Breeder Management, Health & Nutrition.  Through his vast experience, Dr Dharial enlightened the audience with facts & checks on the management and nutrition of broiler breeders through different phases of growth & production. Also, Dr Anand Khandwekar, GM – Technical presented a very informative discussion on the Impact & importance of NSP enzymes on gut health & productivity.

We take this moment to thank the audience for this session and encourage them to implement these processes to boost the standard production performance of breeder & layer flocks for maximum profitability.