Strong Presence of INDIAN HERBS in Kolkata International Poultry Fair, 7- 9 February, 2024, at Eco Park, Kolkata, WB

INDIAN HERBS, pioneer and global market leader in Herbal Animal Health Care Products Industry since 1951, made an impressive mark at the prestigious Kolkata International Poultry Fair-2024 held at Eco Park, Major Arterial Road (South-East), Action Area II, New town, Kolkata, West Bengal from 7th to 9th February, 2024. The stall was inaugurated by Mr. Madan Mohan Maity, Chairman of NECC Eastern Zone, Mr. J.S. Dhull, Managing Director of Skylark Group, and Mr.Shetty, Chairman of Karnataka Breeders Welfare Association, alongside other distinguished personalities. Our strong sales and marketing team headed by Mr. Paramartha Roy, National Sales Manager, Indian Herbs gave a warm welcome to our international patrons and visitors from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The INDIAN HERBS booth at the event saw an impressive turnout of distinguished business partners, customers, consultants, and poultry nutritionists, creating an atmosphere of remarkable success and grandeur. Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to innovation, INDIAN HERBS showcased its wide range of innovative phytogenic feed supplements and healthcare products. Embracing a comprehensive approach that blends ‘Traditional Glory and Modern Science,’ the company has been at the forefront of advancements in phytogenics, transforming ‘Herbalism’ into a dynamic and scientifically proven science. INDIAN HERBS offers distinctive phytogenic alternatives renowned for their superior effectiveness, affordability, and absence of side effects or residual toxicity across various animal species for over seven decades.

At the event, we proudly introduced our range of phytogenic products and innovations. Our latest offerings, BioEmulsin DS, a natural nutritional emulsifier, and PhytoVita, the vitagene regulator, have received exceptional acclaim, stemming from extensive research efforts. We showcased a diverse array of natural alternatives in segments such as vitamins, herbal respiratory supplements, anti-stressors, immunopotentiators, liver tonics, metabolic stimulants, growth promoters, gut enhancers, and adaptogens for different species.

Our recent advancements include evaluating products using advanced techniques, delving into not only their safety and efficacy but also comprehending their mechanisms through cutting-edge molecular sequencing technology. Through collaborations with top-tier institutes in over 30 countries, we have intensified our efforts to enhance our understanding of our products. What sets INDIAN HERBS’ phytogenic solutions apart is the advantageous combination of multiple plant-derived bioactives and phyto-compounds, resulting in synergistic effects that optimize animals’ genetic potential, promote growth, boost immunity, and aid in disease control. Leveraging advanced scientific techniques, we have successfully deciphered the safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action of these products.

With a portfolio comprising over 230 products catering to various animal categories, INDIAN HERBS maintains strict adherence to quality standards and regulatory compliances. Our core strength lies in our robust research and development initiatives, supported by state-of-the-art R&D and QC laboratories equipped with cutting-edge scientific instruments, ensuring product quality and consistency.

INDIAN HERBS’ products have earned acclaim and trust from leading institutions globally, being exported to over 50 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Our commitment to quality and innovation is validated by certification from the Export Inspection Council of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, making us the first Herbal Company to achieve such recognition. Our R&D Centre, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India since 1986, boasts modern facilities for the standardization and quality control of herbal products.

The INDIAN HERBS booth attracted a significant audience, including feed millers, integrators, large farmers, consultants, nutritionists, and distributors, where our technical team expertly addressed inquiries. Upholding our vision of sustainability and global well-being, INDIAN HERBS is dedicated to supporting the animal healthcare industry and esteemed customers. We are committed to delivering antibiotic-free, residue and resistance-free, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective phytogenic solutions, ensuring feed-to-food safety. We extend our gratitude to customers, patrons, scientists, and well-wishers for their steadfast support, cooperation, and guidance, and eagerly anticipate exploring new business horizons with their continued invaluable cooperation in the future.

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