Spreading Wings

It is hardening to see that Indian companies are showing dynamism and investing professionally in marketing.  Varsha Group, Bangalore organized a grand scale 5th edition of Poultry Panorama in Vietnam. There was a large contingent of technical and commercial decision-makers, making the show a grand success. It’s a cue that others need to take, that only producing quality products is futile unless the right kind and professional marketing is also employed. Especially among chicken and egg producers, a small percentage of their investments used for increased production should be diverted to real marketing and branding.

The “Never Say Die” attitude of Tejaswi Events, yielded impressive feedback on the recently organized show at Lucknow. There was genuine appreciation that the organizer from the South was investing in promoting the Poultry business in Uttar Pradesh. Regional shows have their unique advantages helping the industry. 

The Victam at Bangkok had a lower footfall as against the expectations. Those who were keen on appointments and meetings were happy that it consisted of genuine visitors devoid of any floating population. 

The Ram Mandir Pratishthan is exposing a more clear view of the attitude. It appears that the other dominant religions feel the rise of Hinduism as a threat to their religion. The others believe heavily in acquisitions ( conversions ) for their growth and that gets threatened. Hinduism does not believe in converting anybody by force but bring deeper into its roots and has survived thousands of years on its strength. It believes in self-inquiry and discovery of self by knowledge and self-introspection rather than just unconditional following. As society becomes more aware and starts to understand and realize more with knowledge and education, an individual gets wiser to choose the best path suited to him/her. 

Clean political leaders are becoming a rare commodity. As corruption cases and scams are un-earthed, more leaders are getting behind bars. An evolution is happening in Indian politics, when people prefer, and choose those who are free from corruption, those who don’t use religion to gain votes, those who don’t spread hatred to divide and rule, choosing against dynastic rulers, those who blatantly show disregard to national interest, those who have no value or respect for their own rich culture. Bharat is evolving as a democracy.

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