Legend Series- Part 2 – Dr. S.V. Vaidya

In our My Journey series we visited many faces with our Poultry / Livestock Industry legends. 

 This time Dr. S.V. Vaidya – M.V.Sc. PhD (Noble Vet Science LLP India) takes us to his journey.

1.  Are you originally from Pune?

Birthplace: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Current Residence: Pune, Maharashtra

2. What is the best thing you like in your journey?

Professional Journey

I excelled academically, earning the prestigious I.C.A.R. Scholarship/Fellowship, which enabled me to pursue post-graduation and a doctorate. My career began with a multinational company, followed by a tenure as Managing Director of another firm. Today, I am an entrepreneur, running a small but significant company.

In recognition of my contributions, I received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the industry (CLFMA) in 2021.

3. What is the right motivation you like in the journey from starting till now?

My research-oriented mind, commitment to honesty, and ability to develop high-performing teams have driven my journey.

I take pride in seeing individuals who worked with me, rise from grassroots levels to managerial positions. Contributing to national wealth through knowledge and motivation has been incredibly fulfilling.

4. Why you choose the Poultry / Livestock profession?

Initially, I chose this field because of the stipend provided by the Government of Maharashtra for my studies. Over time, I developed a genuine interest in biology, which grew more fascinating with each passing day.

5. As compared to other big players in the industry, how is your organisation different?

My organization, Noble Vet Science LLP India, stands out for manufacturing Poultry feed additives based on life energy, a pioneering concept. We are unique in the market, producing products, backed by extensive in-house R&D.  We are independent in our thought process. Our -Trade mark products are from pure, natural source and have no adverse effects on the poultry. We are ISO -9001:2015 and GMP certified company.

6. Please tell us about your family.

I married in 1975 and have a loving family. My son is settled in Singapore, owns a software company and is also director in Noble Vet LLP. My daughter is married and resides in Kolkata. We have grandchildren, and our family remains closely knit. Additionally, the employees of my company are like my family, with 70 families under our company’s umbrella.

Animal Health: Technical Team
Noble Vetscience LLP

7. What you think about your organisation’s roadmap of next 5 years?

Our organization is on a growth trajectory. We aim for global recognition of our unique, natural products in the poultry industry. By 2030, we hope our concepts and products will be widely accepted internationally.

Human Health: Technical Team
Noble Life Energy

8. What is your message to the next generation entered in this business?

Dream big, work hard, and stay focused.

Understand that there is no quick path to wealth

Honour and integrity are paramount. Avoid unethical practices.

Remember that a bright future awaits those who persevere.

9. What is your favourite eatery food?

I enjoy all types of food.

10. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include gardening, reading, writing, and research work.

I am dedicated to yoga and regular physical exercise, and I practice Heart fulness meditation.

11. Any remarks you would like to add?

As I approach the twilight of my life, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Rising from humble beginnings to achieve a doctorate was possible due to the scholarships I received. Joining a major multinational company was a significant milestone, offering invaluable management learning experiences.

I played a crucial role in Pranav Agro Ltd., the first company in India to produce poultry feed without fish meal and animal proteins. Despite resistance from major players, our soy-based feed became a leading brand within three years, marking a significant shift in the field of Poultry nutrition.

The use of fish meal in poultry feed became a part of history in the Indian feed Industry.

Starting my own business, based on a unique concept is a proud achievement.

In 2021, we established Noble Life Energy, a new company focused on human medicine. Our homeopathic products have gained significant popularity. The feedback is very encouraging. These products are prescribed by doctors and can be purchased on various e-commerce platforms such as Tata 1mg, Reliance Netmeds, HealthMug, and our own website. Our product range includes a total of 85 complexes and 26 syrups.

My wife and I run a charitable organization named “Prabhu Leela,” supporting the education of girl students from underprivileged backgrounds. We have assisted students in achieving degrees in M.A., Computer Applications, B.Com, etc.

We support 10 to 12 students annually.

Overall, my life has been fulfilling and satisfying.

R&D Team
Noble Vetscience LLP
Sales & Marketing Team
Noble Vetscience LLP 

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