Ignorance is Power

Pakistan burns KFC in POK. 

Pathetic ignorance of people being rolled out of their religious factories is pushing Pakistan into the dark age. They claim burning KFC is in support of Palestinians. But the investors, market, and consumers are the poor Pakistanis. The tunnels of Palestine have actively run a chain of KFC franchisees from Egypt to feed them. Keeping your citizen’s ignorant ignorance can be dangerous to the world. 

But for politicians keeping people ignorant is their power!

In a democracy, the ignorant are manipulated to one’s advantage. Ignorance combined with religious fanaticism turns out to be a deadlier concoction. 

Amused to note that – why in the world, the USA, China, and Pakistan, are so hyper and reacting to CM Kejriwals arrest? – requires a deeper understanding. There is no smoke without fire. The links about anti-nationals and all activities relating to money laundering will open soon. Khalistani sympathizers and the anti-India lobby are all up in arms against the arrest to save their skins and not to open the Pandora’s box. Imagine the audacity of the United Nations interfering in the internal affairs of the country; it’s good for India as now the Deep State is getting exposed to Indians and others. 

Kejriwal assumes the intelligentsia, educated citizens, and authorities can be fooled by his hood-winking tactics as he has succeeded until now. His gullible freebie voters who are now victimized realize it with pain. 

Indian politics is no longer Indian but has been globalized. The tremendous sustained growth of Bhai India under the leadership of Sri. Narendra Modi is not tolerable by many vested interests across the world. Now we see many common enemies ganging up together against the country. We also see in domestic politics that the opposition is united with the common single-point agenda of being anti-Modi- this is indeed, immature and ridiculous. The citizens of India should read this in time to avoid danger.

AAP came into existence, using the face of Anna Hazare, lit, was hijacked by Arvind Kejriwal; The party was heavily funded by the CIA through the Ford Foundation and was therefore a consequent recipient of the Magsaysay Award. The CIA finances several NGOs through which they exercise influence regime, change, and control of media, religious institutions, and policymakers several political parties in the past were long-term beneficiaries of such an arrangement that answers why the world is so sensitive to anything happening in India, which is its internal affairs.

Instead of humanity-which civilizations are supposed to evolve into they degrade themselves into religious wars. Some religions drive communities and nations into wars, causing self-destruction and harm to others. It’s high time with awareness people stop playing politics and drive a wedge between people in the name of religion. 

The people of Palestine are victims of the religious warlords who have their agenda and keep Ingewar alive at the cost of innocent misguided, children, men, and women, without exception, whether in India or abroad, all these religious heads, have their children, kit and studying living and prospering outside these Communities or their own country – this should be enough for people those who blindly follow them. 

Farmers are generally happy with the market considering that it is supposed to be a lean season!

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