GLOCREST’s Half Yearly Sales Meeting, FY-2023-2024

Nestled within Mysore’s Hotel Rio Meridian, the committed GLOCREST team convened for a significant half-yearly sales and strategy review. Spanning two insightful days, the emphasis was on product innovations, upcoming technological initiatives, and fostering a robust team synergy, all with an eye on setting the pace for FY-2023-2024.

Day 1: A Blend of Modern Technology and Personal Growth

The curtain-raiser on 6th October was the unveiling of the ‘Spoor App’, a groundbreaking tool crafted to enhance sales operations through seamless communication and tracking. However, the spotlight of the day was Dr. Gopal Reddy’s enlightening session on life skills. Beyond just work efficiency, the idea was to emphasize the growth of the team members on both personal and professional fronts.

Day 2: Products, Sales Planning, and Celebrating Excellence

On 7th October,the team had the privilege of viewing GLOCREST’s newly launched corporate video, a visual testament to the company’s legacy, ethos, and future goals.

After this, the focus shifted towards the impressive product lineup of GLOCREST. Dr. Ramdas Kambale meticulously walked the team through the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of each product. Feed additives such as Chelomix, Feed-O-Cid, Enziprob, TOXKIL, Vitomix Forte, SuperCholine, CocciCare, CocciCare-M, and CocciCare-L were highlighted. Meanwhile, liquid supplements like HepoCare, GROX, GLOTONIC, GLOZOL Plus, and GLOPROMIN were elaborated upon, showcasing their pivotal role in GLOCREST’s diverse offerings.

Beyond product specifics, Dr. Ramdas Kambale also steered the team into comprehensive discussions about sales strategies, sales budgeting, and detailed sales planning. This session provided a transparent overview of the company’s sales roadmap and ambitions.

In the meeting, Mr. Pramod Kumar Singh, Associate-Vice President-Key Accounts, discussed the current key accounts and sales performance, stressing strong client relationships and best practices. Plans for FY 2023-2024, including targets and market opportunities, were outlined. Mr. Singh emphasized a customer-centric growth approach based on team feedback.

Regional tales of success and challenges were shared by zonal managers, followed by Dr. Ravikumar Meshram’s insights into the nuances of GLOCREST’s marketing undertakings.

As the day neared its end, it was time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the team. Mr. Satyasheela was celebrated as the ‘Best Zonal Manager’, while Team Namakkal, led by Dr. Leo, Mr. Balamurugan, and Mr. Karthikeyan, clinched the ‘Best Sales Team’ title.

In a warm concluding gesture, tokens of appreciation, presented by directors Mr. Rajesh Babu & Mr. Nishank Kaparthy, reinforced the sentiment of unity and collective success.

With renewed clarity, motivation, and direction, the GLOCREST brigade parted ways, eager to apply their learnings and shape the success story of the upcoming months.