Global poultry industry leaders meet at Petersime’s Poultry Performance Conference in Bali

The global poultry sector is evolving constantly, so staying on top of the latest trends and challenges is key. That is what brought together a group of global poultry industry leaders for the fifth edition of the Petersime Poultry Performance Conference in Bali, Indonesia.

Petersime’s Poultry Performance Conference is becoming increasingly renowned among leading players in the poultry industry. From September 19 to 21, the Conference’s fifth editionbrought togetherthirty guests from all corners of the Middle East and Asiawith one common interest: sharing views on current and future trends and challenges in the global poultry industry.

With the Poultry Performance Conference, Petersime aims to cover a broad spectrum of topics andshare valuable information on how to cope with specific challenges whilenavigating the road towards profitable growth. Olav Boel, Chief Commercial Officer at Petersime,explains: “Regardless in which part of the poultry value chain a company operates, itwill either have a big impact on the operation of the hatchery, or the hatchery will have a big impact on theirs. Hatcheriesplay a key role in the value chainas they can create a lot of value for the next part of the chain. However, a lot of value can also be lost if things go the wrong way. The objective of the Poultry Performance Conference is therefore to look at the bigger picture and discuss challenges and potential solutions to ensure the total poultry value chain can optimize its performance and meet the demands of the future.” Digitalization, data, poultry integrations – these and many other topics were covered during the event. Through knowledge-sharing, networking and lively discussions, Petersime aims to inspire,connect and energize the poultry community globally. This is exactly what happened during the fifth edition of the Poultry Performance Conference.