Calm After Storm

World Egg Day on 08th October 2021 saw a new fervor among some of the Poultry fraternity. Several animal health companies did their bit of promotion and brought in awareness among the people about the value of an Egg. The effort could reap manifold benefits if also some of the Associations and Federations took lead in organizing a more robust program at regional and national levels to promote egg consumption. 

All branded egg sellers must always prominently display nutritional facts to educate the consumers. Special funds are to be raised and used on such occasions to make it a grand event. World Egg Day must be used as a day of organizing, celebrating, and promoting the cause of egg consumption. Similarly Meat Day or a Chicken Day!

Farmers can contribute the profits of One day earned in their business towards the contribution for such kind of promotion. Or even devise any other universal method of fundraising to promote egg/chicken consumption.

Unpredictability is synonymous with the Poultry industry. The Soya supplies created a tornado and left a trail of destruction and now back to normalcy with calm. But how can we ensure less volatility in our business? Unless heads that matter doesn’t pool together- we will only be reactive to vagaries of market conditions. There was a meaningful activity during the crisis which is admirable but what if the same attitude and efforts are continued to be used to solve scores of issues that continue to plague the industry that brings instability and inconsistency in the business.  

Post-Navaratri, now we expect some recovery after all the turmoil that the farmers went through. Every crisis the farmers move a few notches closer to improving farming methods as a means to reduce or overcome losses. Farmers have become conscious of focusing more on quality raw materials, balanced nutrition and are learning to shun cheaper suppliers of Feed Additives and raw materials just based on price alone. 

For the moment after the crisis, it appears like the calm after the storm. 

Licious has set and demonstrated, how the consumers crave for quality and freshness of meat products- with decades of being in poultry one wonders – why this concept didn’t occur to us. We should have had scores of our own version of Licious across India.  

The industry excels in production parameters to international standards when coming to equipment manufacturing, breeder flock performance so on and so forth. But we are miserable when it comes to selling value and using marketing to sustain the business. Rather marketing in some cases needs precedence to only producing in large numbers.  Let a percentage of investments be set aside only for Sales and Marketing. 

Overconfidence is a sure-shot way to lose. Amply displayed by our recent loss in World Cup T20 match with Pakistan. The humiliating defeat made the Indian team appear meek as they could not even put a decent fight. A lesson for the future.

On behalf of S.R. Publications, We wish all our valued readers, advertisers, and allied a Very Happy, Healthy, and Safe Diwali.