A Legacy of Excellence Continues- DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt Ltd.

DSAND is proud to announce the successful patenting of Cysteine Protease (EC 3.4.22..) formulation for improvement of poultry performance. Marking another milestone in our storied history of innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

DSAND is a leading, bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions (feed supplements) for poultry, dairy, aqua, swine and companion animals. Founded in the year 2016 by Dr. Sandeep Gupta, renowned nutritionist. Founded as a startup company in Indore central India with a aim to offer services and solutions to improve productivity of livestock sector in India. DSAND one among fastest growing Animal Nutrition company in India providing premium quality, result oriented products. Since 2016, we have been at the forefront of innovation by constantly optimizing methods for production processes.

FAMI-QS certified | FSSAI Registered | ISO Certified

The only company in the world to use Identified Cysteine Protease Enzyme in Feed Supplement and got published in Indian Patent.
The recently granted patent (Patent No. 513462) for Cysteine Protease (EC 3.4.22..) solidifies DSAND’s commitment to revolutionizing poultry industry.

DSAND is now funding to LSDA, A Research and Development facility for poultry to promote advance research in India to improve efficiency in poultry business by conducting scientific trials. It is the first R&D farm with HVAC system, which controls all parameters like Oxygen, Ammonia, CO, Air Velocity, Temperature, Humidity inside the house. LSDA provides a sophisticated and advanced lab facility including microbiological, wet chemistry and instrument section for testing of samples obtained from poultry research experiments, feed and feed supplements. The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments, such as HPLC, GCMS MS, LCMS MS, ICP MS, etc., to analyse pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins, etc. in food and feed samples.

“This patent is a testament to our relentless pursuit of progress, and we look forward to continuing to lead the way in shaping a brighter and more connected future for all.”

Dr. Sandeep Gupta ( Founder) DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.

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