Sanctifying Terror!

The AGM & Symposium of the Poultry Federation of India reached new heights, for quite a few good reasons. The number of participants, a large number of sponsors, quality speakers, and the presence of policy and decision-makers from the government and the industry. It’s a significant matter to beat. Newton is the vital interaction between the industry and the policymakers. The final outcome is expected to add value to the poultry industry.

INFAH too displayed its continued contribution to the industry by being actively involved in working towards the betterment of the industry.  Going with the same spirit it is hoped that IPEMA too will evoke a good response from both the National and International levels. 

The long unresolved dispute between Israel & Palestinians is flaring to dangerous levels. The dispute is complicated for several deep-rooted reasons which is not in full awareness of the general public. It is no different from the global attitude towards the Russia and Ukraine war if you genuinely want to stop fighting between two different groups- you can’t succeed by giving them a deadly supply of weapons as a solution. The soldiers as human beings get killed irrespective of whichever country they belong to. The innocent common people bear the brunt. 

The bosses and controllers of the terror groups are in the comforts of the five-star and far away from the battleground treating the people as simply disposable. Even the leaders of Kashmir have their own children studying in the USA/ Canada/UK while denying the basics to the children of their own community. It appears that in the name of God, it’s okay to make them disposable. Compare this with Netanyahu’s Don who abandoned his profession and wealth and was not ready to fight at the Gaza front to defend his own country. All the leaders of a particular community, have their families and their children living in five-star luxuries, their children studying in premium international schools and colleges abroad in envious lifestyle standards while preaching to other gullible misled parents and youngsters to sacrifice themselves to a political one religious cause.

The large ignorant and innocent people are their assets- easy scapegoats. Indian culture stands for humanity where even snakes, ants & monkeys are revered and their lives respected. India stands with Palestine on the same grounds but will never support terrorism which is inhuman. India also clearly has sympathy and support for Israel against the barbaric terror inflicted upon it recently. The world also takes note of always playing the victim card for decades to play on emotions to extract their own selfish interest. If peace is the genuine objective why do not 57 countries of the world provide for such a small population? Why don’t their own brotherly neighbors open the door for the suffering Palestinians? Has not Palestine become a virtual playground for the politically motivated who treat the poor Palestinians as a disposable population? The policymakers and directors of this current war are operating from the comfort of thousands of miles away with nothing personal to lose! This is no different story for India, Pakistan, or several similar countries. The fine line among many intelligent people of the world is how do you advocate, sanctify, and justify merciless killing, and sexual assaults abducting as a means to meet your objective? 

Why does it become inhuman only when responds strongly to being instigated inhumanly? Unless this double standard is eradicated people will be blinded by the blend of justifying cruelty by giving it a religious Flavour. Arabs are among the richest in the world- what prevents them from providing for less than 2 million of suffering brothers? Why is it okay to provide millions of dollars worth of rockets and guns to kill and get killed rather than the basics of human living conditions- these are questions one needs to answer.

Could the right education be the key? But then the right to information and knowledge is also controlled with intention. Are people being used as a pawn on a chessboard?

India continues to respect humanity, religion, and country are no substitute for being inhuman. Terrorists are inhuman whoever they are and wherever they may be and need to be condemned unequivocally- period! People supporting terrorism are accomplices and should be treated accordingly!

All religions preach Peace, love & brotherhood! Terror in any form cannot be sanctified in today’s world. 

There is no license to Kill – in the name of God!

With due respect, wish all our readers and advertisers, A Happy, Safe & Prosperous Diwali !!!!!!!