Poultry Federation of India successfully organized 34th AGM at GOA

Poultry Federation of India (PFI), an apex and renowned association of Poultry Farmers, Breeders, Equipment Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Companies and all allied Industries, organized its 34th Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) at Alila Diwa by Hyatt, Goa on 27th – 28th September” 2023

The event began with a warm welcome address given by Mr. Ranpal Dhanda, President, Poultry Federation of India, an inaugural speech that shed light on the association’s goals and further extended gratitude to all delegates (600+) from across the country and abroad, sponsoring companies (83),Special Guests, industry professionals and poultry journalists.

Mr. Ravinder Singh Sandhu, Secretary, Poultry Federation of India discussed the notable achievements and initiatives undertaken by the Poultry Federation of India in the past year, providing insights into the organization’s impact on the poultry industry. Mr. Ricky Thaper, Treasurer, Poultry Federation of India, presented the financial accounts, ensuring transparency and accountability within the organization.

“A highlight of the event was the unveiling of ‘Poultry Creations,’ a new magazine introduced in collaboration with Vprint Infotech by the PFI executive body and esteemed guests.

Mr. Sudhir Malhotra, CEO, Interface Pharmaceuticals, shared insights into the benefits of immunotherapy and its advantages for overall poultry health and productivity. Dr. Susil Silva’s presentation focused on the significance of Soybean Meal (SBM) in poultry feeds and the competitive advantage of using US SBM. Dr. Rakesh Gupta followed with a presentation on egg peritonitis in broiler breeders, addressing a specific health concern in poultry production.

Followed by Bronze mementos distribution to sponsor companies’ representatives. After that Mr. Mahendra Garg shared his views on benefits with Soya, after that Dr. Andreaas Stemmler and his colleagues shared their thoughts on “Innovation and Sustainability” Growth drivers in the Poultry. After that mementos distribution to Press and best Soya Award (2022-23) to Dhirendra Soya Agro Pvt. Ltd.

During the AGM, Mr. Azad Rathi, President of the Broiler Breeder’s Association, explained how their association works to strengthen the poultry industry. He also requested the industry to control production and ensure a balanced supply and demand.

These discussions and presentations on the first day provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the Poultry Federation of India’s achievements, financial transparency, and technical advancements within the poultry industry, setting the stage for the events of the second day of the AGM.

The second day of the AGM (28thSeptember, 2023) was marked by the prestigious presence of Chief Guest Dr. Sanjeev Balyan, Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India, and Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, Joint Secretary, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying. Alongside them, key figures from the Poultry Federation of India, including Mr. Ranpal Dhanda (President), Mr. Ramesh Chander Khatri (Chairman), Mr. Sanjeev Gupta (Vice-President HQ), Ravinder Singh Sandhu (Secretary), and Mr. Ricky Thaper (Treasurer) and all executives’ members of the Poultry Federation of India graced the event. Furthermore, the presence of approximately 600 poultry enthusiasts from various regions of the country added depth and diversity to the gathering.

The day commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony, a symbol of enlightenment and unity within the poultry industry. This ceremonial act held profound significance, reflecting the shared commitment of all stakeholders to the growth and prosperity of the poultry sector.

The AGM provided a robust platform for thoughtful deliberations and discussions on pivotal issues that shape the poultry industry’s trajectory. Representatives from sponsoring companies, government officials, and members of the Poultry Federation of India collectively emphasized the critical importance of sustainable practices, technological advancements, and the resolution of significant challenges in poultry farming.

Participants voiced their optimism regarding the future of the poultry industry, recognizing the instrumental role that such gatherings play in fostering positive change and ensuring the industry’s continued growth and stability.

A highlight of the second day was the address by Mr. Ranpal Dhanda, President, Poultry Federation of India, who passionately shed light on the pressing challenges confronting small poultry farmers across the nation. Mr. Dhanda’s impassioned plea underscored the problems faced by these farmers and called for immediate attention from the authorities. The presented stressed on need of skill development for skilled manpower such as in other industries. He also requested the Chief Guest to start some diploma courses in ITI’s or other such institutions so that the need for skilled manpower is fulfilled.

in continuation with the demand of the president, PFI, Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Shukla showcased the need of skilled manpower & the initiations being taken by various Government bodies to empower people with the required skills.

Acknowledging the concerns raised by Mr. Dhanda, Dr. Sanjeev Balyan, Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries, Government of India, and Dr. O.P. Choudhary, Joint Secretary of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, offered reassurance to the farmers. They affirmed their commitment to comprehensive measures aimed at addressing the challenges faced by poultry farmers, underscoring the government’s dedication to the welfare of small-scale poultry farming. New logo also launched by Sanjeev Balyan.

This assurance provided a sense of relief among farmers and industry professionals present, who expressed appreciation for the proactive stance of the government and newfound hope for a brighter future in the poultry industry. The commitment demonstrated by these esteemed leaders has instilled confidence, signalling a positive trajectory for small poultry farmers in the country.

The day also featured informative presentations, with Dr. Lipi Sairiwal focusing on government of India chemes for poultry, Mr. Vijay Sardana, discussing the future of the Indian poultry sector in a changing society and marketplace, Dr. Sudheer Bhalchandra addressing poultry vaccination, and Mr. O.P. Singh, delivering a presentation on the necessity of promotion and marketing for the chicken industry.

The event culminated in a one-hour panel discussion with Kisan Tak, Media Channel by Aaj Tak, addressing various critical issues pertinent to the poultry industry. Where in Mr. Ranpal Dhanda presented actual calculations of receivables by contract farmers which comes out to be significantly low.

Mr. Ramesh Chander, Khatri, Chairman, PFI and Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Vice President (HQ), extended his gratitude to the sponsoring companies, esteemed guests, and everyone within the poultry community for their invaluable contributions in ensuring the success of this event.

The Poultry Federation of India Team presented mementoes as tokens of appreciation to sponsoring companies, and representatives from various poultry associations, recognizing their significant contributions to the event’s success.

Poultry Federation of India Team presented a special appreciation award to Mr. Rahul Khatri and Mr. Jagdish Kadyan for their exceptional efforts in orchestrating behind-the-scenes arrangements, their dedication in working tirelessly, and their skilful coordination with every guest, all of which were instrumental in making this event a resounding success.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Ricky Thaper, Treasurer, Poultry Federation of India extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to the chief guest for his support for the welfare on poultry farmer, industry professionals, sponsoring entities, and poultry journalists, expressing gratitude for their collective efforts in making the AGM a resounding success. The event was hosted by Dr. Devender Hooda, Executive Member, Poultry Federation of India.