Immeureka Animal Health Private Limited Organised Technical Seminars in Haryana and Punjab

Immeureka, a startup in the poultry sector, conducted a technical seminar on April 26th and 27th, 2024, at Kanina (Haryana) and Zirakpur (Punjab). The main objective of the conference was to provide veterinarians, poultry farmers, and feed millers with the necessary knowledge of two key topics: “Mycotoxin and Pesticide Residue Management in Poultry” and “Premix for Laying Birds as a One-Stop Solution.” 

The event began with a cordial greeting from Mr. Sarwar Ali, who gave a brief overview of the company and presented the product range of Immeureka Animal Health Private Limited to the attendees.

Following the introduction, Dr Rajesh Kokje detailed how the mycotoxins and pesticide residues in feed will negatively impact poultry production and in what way control measures need to be implemented. Among the control strategies he explained were Xpel™ which is an algae-derived diatomite that binds multiple mycotoxins and selectively binds pesticide residues in all raw materials and feed, and another product. Xpel Spectra™ are organic blends of diatomite, HSCAS, and yeast extract that target multiple mycotoxins and bind pesticide residues in feed, with additional benefits of immunity enhancement by β-glucans and pathogen agglutination in the intestine by Mannan oligosaccharides(MOS).

The session by Mr. Sarwar Ali emphasized the importance of premixes for the laying birds. He explained about Potenza, the synergistic combination of highly effective special ingredients that offers laying hens a total and superior solution from the first day to the end of the production. Potenza is a comprehensive product that consists of tributyrin, organic minerals, i.e., Mn, Zn, Cu, Se, methionine, and prebiotics. Tributyrin enhances gut health, thereby increasing nutrient digestibility, growth performance, and immunity in birds. Prebiotics provide active support and relief for the immune system, they have high bonding power, inactivate pathogens and toxins in the intestinal lumen, and optimize the digestive processes. Trace minerals provide the essential nutrients poultry need for metabolic functions such as growth and development, immunity, and reproduction, and they also help reduce the number of thin-shelled and dirty eggs during the late-laying period. Hydroxy analogue of methionine is required for feather development and maintaining egg production in poultry.

After the seminar, Mr. Hanumatesh, the Immeureka zonal manager for North and East, and Bijoy Kumar, regional manager for Punjab, gave a vote of thanks to all of the attendees, thanking them for their participation in the event. The event offered farmers, professionals, and feed millers an opportunity for deep conversation, fostering networking and the exchange of knowledge.

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