GrinMicro Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated its 2nd warehouse in Palladam, Tamil Nadu

GrinMicro Bioscience Pvt. Ltd., an animal feed supplement and additive company, is proud to announce the inauguration of its new warehouse in Palladam, South India. The inauguration ceremony was held on the 7th of June 2024, which was attended by a host of dignitaries, business partners, and employees of GrinMicro Bioscience Pvt. Ltd.

The new warehouse provides an efficient storage and distribution center for poultry feed supplements and additive products. This decision, to open the warehouse in Palladam, Tamil Nadu was made with the aim of reaching out to the South side of the Indian market more effectively.

For this occasion, all important customers from adjoining areas, like breeders farmers, broilers & layer integrators were present.

The inauguration program begins with a pooja ceremony @7am with the presence of Mr. Subramanyam CEO, MD Sivasakthi Hatcheries, and GrinMicro CEO Dr. Pradip Linge along with Zonal Manager Mr. Sundarapandian, Area Manager Boobalsamy & Balamurugan followed by ribbon cutting ceremony.

The event was a great success, with guests expressing their appreciation to GrinMicro for providing quality poultry feed supplement products that help farmers improve their productivity and profitability.


GrinMicro Bioscience Pvt. Ltd., is committed to provides feed additive solutions that guarantee high-quality food production. Our innovative products contribute to optimizing the production costs of the final consumer goods by enhancing nutrient bioavailability, improving assimilation, and ensuring superior absorption. This, in turn, promotes the correct nutritional balance at the cellular level.

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