Capacity Expansion and Product Diversification Executed by Tex Biosciences

Tex Biosciences is a 45-year-old Biotech Company involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Enzymes, Probiotics and Specialty Biotech Products. The company operates in Animal Feed, Leather, Pulp & Paper, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Textiles and Detergent Industries. The company is FAMI QS, ISO 22000, and ISO 9001 Certified.

Tex Biosciences is a major player in India and abroad for the manufacturing of animal feed additives for Poultry, Piggery and Aqua market. The company has both strong local operations and export presence in 22 countries across the globe. Tex Biosciences believes in high performance in animal farming, “The Natural Eco-Friendly way.”

The Company holds a wide variety of Biotechnology and eco-friendly products to address the requirements of animal farmers and feed millers.


Capacity Expansion by Tex Biosciences

Tex Biosciences has seen a very strong growth over the last few years which has necessitated a large expansion program in order to cater to demands of the customers.

Tex Biosciences undertook a INR 32 Crore  (4 Million USD) Expansion program to increase production capacities and improve capabilities. The expansion program began in Jan 2021 and was completed by Feb 2024. 

1.        Installation and Commissioning of Down Stream Processing Equipments

As a part of its first stage expansion program, Tex Biosciences constructed a New Building of 17.5 Metres High and 10,000 Square Feet Area to house a new 700 Litre/Hour Spray Dryer and 3000 Ltr per hour Micro Filtration System. This was company’s 3rd Spray Dryer and 2nd MF System. The Spray Dryer and Micro Filtration Systems have 5 times the capacity of the existing spray dryers and MF System respectively. 

With the addition of these new spray dryers and Micro Filtration Unit, the company now has 3 Spray Dryers, 2 Micro Filtration Units, 3 Plate and Frame Filter Press, 1 Centrifuge and 2 RO Concentration Units. This helps the company concentrate and purify the Enzyme and Probiotics and offer high quality products to the market.

2.       Installation and Commissioning of a New Fermentation Facility

As a part of its second stage expansion program, The company constructed a Brand new state of the Art Fermentation Facility. The newest Fermenter Section called FS3 is one of the largest capacities for Industrial Enzymes in India. FS3 houses the following brand new vessels 

  1. 35000 Ltr Fermenter 
  2. 4200 Ltr Seed Fermenter
  3. 1000 Ltr Pre Seed fermenter
  4. 650 Ltr Feed Fermenter
  5. 2 Nos of 13500 Ltr Harvester Vessel
  6. 1 Nos of 11600 Media Mixing Vessel 

The 30000 Square Feed FS3 building is 4 storey high and is GMP compliant with unilateral flow of material right from RM storage till Fermenter Broth spray drying process. FS3 is also integrated with our other Fermenter Sections, QC/QA and Downstream processing areas.

Tex Biosciences now has 3 Fermentation Facilities within its plant.

With the addition of these new fermenters, Tex Biosciences has now over 22 Fermenters of varying capacities to manufacture Enzymes, Probiotics and Specially Biotech products.

  1. Installation and Commissioning of a New Fluid Bed Dryer and Feed Additive Blender and Packing Facility

Tex Biosciences undertakes Contract Manufacturing for multiple Feed Additive Companies. The increased demand for its contract manufacturing services necessitated the installing and commissioning of more product specific Blenders and Fluid Bed Dryers as per customer and product requirements. This formed its Third and Final expansion program.

The Company now houses 5 Different Blending Facilities and 2 Fluid Bed Drying Systems.

Product Diversification and Business Expansion

Tex Biosciences has rapidly diversified the range of Enzymes and Probiotics that it manufactures so as to better cater to the needs of customers across Animal Feed, Leather, Pulp & Paper, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Detergents and Textile Industries. 

Tex Biosciences current product range includes production and marketing of over 12 different types of Enzymes and 15 different types of Probiotics and multiple Biotech Products. The product diversification has helped us export to 22 countries across the globe and also grow strongly in the domestic market with a good brand value. 

The company has in operation 3 different labs in its facility. A R&D facility for New Product Development, A QA facility to monitor fermentation batches and work on process and yield improvement and finally a QC lab to assure its customers of consistent high quality. 

Tex Biosciences has been able to expand and grow by offering comprehensive and trust worthy contract manufacturing services to its customer. The company undertake contract manufacturing for clients from India, Europe, North America and Japan. 

It is open to undertaking more contract manufacturing for clients in the Feed Industry and help them achieve their marketing potential.


A good mix of capacity expansion and product diversification has helped Tex Biosciences grow phenomenally in the last 3 years. The company has seen 89 % growth compared to the figures it achieved in 2020-21. 

The growth is solely because of the trust and confidence of its customers on Tex Biosciences’ products. The company thanks all its customers, contract manufacturing principals and suppliers for its growth and development.