Avitech Nutrition and PhyGeno Host Successful Inaugural Animal Nutrition Technical Seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Avitech Nutrition and PhyGeno hosted their first-ever Animal Nutrition Technical Seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event brought together key stakeholders from the feed industry, including leading nutritionists, feed millers, and distributors from across the country.

The evening commenced with a welcome address from Mr. Rahul Kapur, Managing Director of Avitech Nutrition, who provided an overview of the Keggfarms Group companies. Mr. Kapur emphasised the pivotal role of science and innovation as the driving force behind the group’s advancements.

Mr. Matthew Clark, Director of FeedGuys Resources, gave a compelling presentation on Avitech Nutrition’s innovative product, Performins. Performins is available as individual glycinates, standard and customised formulations for poultry and cattle. Performins Monoglycinates mark a significant move forward in enhancing nutrition in animal feeds.

The seminar continued with insightful presentations from esteemed speakers, Dr. Avinash Srivastava, head of Science at Avitech Nutrition and Dr. Sateesh Chauhan, Vice President, Research and Development at PhyGeno, who provided an in-depth analysis of PhyGeno’s Avitriol D – a plant-based bioactive form of Vitamin D3, which is absorbed faster without any metabolic loss.

Mr. Clark, a highly regarded consultant with over 35 years of experience, presented a session titled ‘Thinking Around Crude Protein in Feed Formulation,’ sharing invaluable insights into understanding crude protein.

“The success of the inaugural Animal Nutrition Technical Seminar underscores the growing importance of innovative solutions in the poultry feed market,” stated Mr. Arjun Vohra, CEO of Avitech Nutrition, during the seminar’s conclusion. “We are committed to leveraging the latest technologies to address the evolving needs of our industry. Events like these allow us to connect with key stakeholders and showcase our dedication to excellence. As we continue to expand our presence in Bangladesh, we remain focused on delivering products and solutions that empower our partners to thrive in this dynamic market.” He expressed confidence in the great potential of the growing animal feed market in Bangladesh, reiterating the company’s commitment to providing products and solutions that enable stakeholders to achieve their potential.

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