“Adisseo Family” celebrated the “25th Anniversary of World Egg Day 2021” with the social responsibility to overcome the protein deficiency and hunger in Indian subcontinent

Adisseo Animal Nutrition Pvt ltd, explored the opportunity of 25th anniversary of world egg day across the country, contributing a social responsibility to fight against protein deficiency and hunger.

Besides Adisseo team actively used this occasion to present scientific facts for the social awareness to overcome the myths and misbeliefs about eggs in the society.

The message was mediated across the country via different well-planned events for the same purpose viz, bicycle rallies, food camps and webinar. The egg and food distribution camps were arranged by team Adisseo at different locations all over India in cities like Nagpur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Karnal & Pune.

This helped distribution of meals and eggs in hospital, orphanages, leprosy rehabilitation centers, schools for the specially abled children, old age homes as well and for the needy population as well. Not only the meals, eggs were distributed but at centers like Nagpur, different egg recipes were publicly demonstrated.

1) Egg and meal distribution camps- 

The event in Nagpur attracted people from all strata and visited by kids to young budding veterinarians to Retd. Professor and working professors from Nagpur Veterinary College, to the President of Vidharbha Poultry Farmers Association. 

Dr Sachin Ingewar & Dr Pritish Ramteke driving the road show for demonstrating various egg recipes at Nagpur and distributing eggs for the needy people.

Dr Sachin Ingewar, with Dr Raja, President Vidharbha Poultry farmers Association, Nagpur.

In Mumbai, Adisseo celebrated World Egg Day celebration with Mulanchi Balwadi, Kolegaon, Dombivili, Thane (An initiative of Eashan Shreeya Foundation).

Dr. Masood Ahmed from Adisseo made a humble attempt to contribute for the children’s well-being by distributing Yojana Power Eggs on the occasion of “World Egg Day” on 8th of October 2021.

In Hyderabad, Dr. Sriharsha planned the egg day celebration with residential school for the hearing-impaired children. He also explained the staff and founder members the importance egg consumption in young kids especially for the deaf and dumb kids.

Dr. Sriharsha from Adisseo exploring the egg day event responsibly exhibiting social responsibility arranging event with specially abled kids.

Dr Vikas Shukla along with Mr. Niraj Gupta from team Adisseo, arranged the  egg camp at various location in and around Karnal distributing eggs in lepracy rehabilitation centers as well.

In North India, the Team Adisseo identified the neediest center of leprosy rehabilitation for recommending and providing the eggs. The team also distributed the eggs in nearby needy population with awareness campaigns for the egg consumption.

Team Adisseo in the southern India, Mr. Ponnambalarajan Nagarathinam, Mr. Thirumudirajan Sukumar and Dr Chandramohan Sivanandan executed the well planned event distributing the meals at different locations across the city of Coimbatore.

In Tamilnadu It was planned to distribute the egg-meal in the hospitals for the needy people at Coimbatore. The hygienically prepared egg-meal is distributed amongst the needy population coming in the hospital for the treatment.

2) The Bicycle Ralley-

Adisseo also contributed the multi-stage event for egg promotion joining hands with the Srinivasa hatcheries at Hyderabad where bicycle riders campaigned for week spreading awareness about health and nutrition especially emphasizing the importance of eggs in human nutrition.

Mr. Rajkumar Nangunoori and Mr. Shaik Jilani with the Srinivasa team during the bicycle rally on egg day event at Hyderabad.

3) Awareness webinar & myth-breaking session by the technocrats-

Adisseo being a science speaking entity arranged this event exploring scientific facts about eggs, to overcome misbeliefs about egg consumption in the society.

Assuming the exhaustive morning activity by the team a short session webinar was planned inviting the critical technocrats from poultry and food industry.

The short sessions from the food technologist Dr Devashree Vaidya Deshpande was exploring the golden elements in the egg. She discussed about the presence of immunity booster selenium in the eggs that helps the immunity and recovery from various viral diseases including COVID 19. She also explain the nutritional significance of including the eggs in the diet. The eminent technocrat Dr. Ajit Ranade, Dean Bombay Veterinary College explained the scientific facts about the eggs through his mythbusters season. Common misconceptions about eggs in the society were scientifically explained by Dr. Ranade with his lovable story in short session of half an hour. The first Asian Chairman of International egg committee, Mr. Suresh Chitturi Rayudu was the special guest for the session. He shortly narrated the role of egg, layer industry for the social reforms. Dr. Prasad Kulkarni has moderated the webinar on behalf of Adisseo. The webinar was viewed by more than 115 delegated and was well appreciated for its meaningful content.