Venky’s India LTD organized Grand technical seminar at Karnal

Venkys India LTD organized a grand Technical seminar On Friday 6th May 2022 at Karnal Hotel Noor Mahal. The resource person for the seminar was Mr. Christian Lückstädt, Technical Director, Addcon Inc. from Germany (An international expert on Feed Acidifiers). 

The Seminar was well attended by field Veterinary consultants, Breeder Farmers and local integrators from Karnal, Panipat, Kaithal and Kurukshetra. Mr. H.S. Padda (DGM- North Zone), Mr. Sashi Bhushan Kumar (ZM – North – 3), Mr. Sandeep Saini & Mr. Sunil Saroya (RSM) welcomed the guests. In inaugural speech Dr. Vishwas Sagajkar gave the brief introduction regarding Mr. Christian Lückstädt work experience.

Then Mr. Christian Lückstädt  started the presentation. He has expressed his views and shared his experience regarding the use of Feed Acidifiers and importance of it in poultry nutrition. The session was very informative and enlightening. Poultry farmers and experts of poultry has participated in huge number and got the chance to interact with Mr. Christian.

He stated that Animal Production and feed industry continue to suffer from losses caused by bacterial  diseases and the associated effects on the bird such as increased mortality and reduced feed efficiency- leading to impaired poultry production, so gut hygiene and efficiency of the bird becomes an important issue to discuss.

Mr. Christian  has explained about the concept of very new potentiated molecule Sodium Diformate which is currently marketed under brand name of Acidomix DF Plus by Venky’s India Limited .The molecule has been developed with German Technology and it is basically a patented molecule. Acidomix DF plus is unique combination of Formic Acid and Sodium Diformate. This combination ensures the action of Acidomix DF plus through the entire length of birds intestine thereby improving gut hygiene.

Why Formic acid is unique

1. Formic acid, is  the simplest and has the lowest molecular weight, in which a single hydrogen atom is attached to the carboxyl group.

2. Can easily pass through the cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Hence, formic acid is the best candidate to control pathogenic bacteria.

3. Lowest MIC compared to other available acidifiers.

But Formic acid is Corrosive in nature so Sodium Diformate is the new form by which Acidomix DF plus is formulated : Comparison is given below :

Very effectiveVery effective
Low dosageLow dosage
Fast actionSlow release – total protection
High concentrationHigh concentration

Acidomix DF plus has strong antimicrobial effect, Preserve feed ,Optimises feed efficiency and excellent miscibility. It improves the egg production, improve litter quality and helps in better absorption of trace minerals. It has unique characteristic of sustained release for prolonged period.

He has given his detailed presentation on Changing Scenario of Feed Acidifier across the world. He had raised the concern on excess use of antibiotics in feed which leads to resistance development in human and poultry against antibiotics. He had also mentioned about the regulatory framework set up by international bodies over ban on Antibiotics in Feed supplements.

His Presentation also included the scope and future trend of Acidifier in World and specially to Indian Poultry Market. He explained the vital concept of Gut health .He has mentioned beautifully about the importance of Villi growth and its role in absorption of essential nutrient and water. Prevalence of Enteric infection and its spread through dropping which leads to dramatic effect on health was also the important aspect of Mr. Christian’s lecture. He has emphasized and explained in detail about the Concept of Feed acidifiers, Different Organic acids used in feed acidifiers and its growing importance.

He has critically analyzed different organic acid uses ,advantages and disadvantages with respect to Poultry feed. He answered the queries of audience regarding the feed acidifiers. He has explained how formic acid as a smallest organic acid can produce cidal effect on bacteria in poultry intestine. He has also explained about potential factors which are responsible for contaminating the poultry feed at different stages of processing and storage. He had also mentioned that even caged birds with all protection measures of intensive system are equally susceptible to the enteric infections. Finally Dr. Vishwas Sagajkar concluded that Acidomix DF is available in Indian market since 2013 and its all based on scientific tools. He briefed the product to the audience and vote of thanks was given. He very humbly thanked all the guest for whole hearted participation and interaction in seminar.  Seminar ended with cocktail and dinner.