UnJust Trudeau 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so blinded by political power that he prefers to risk the relationship with India in favor of a Red Corner alert terrorist (Nijjar ) who has a reward on his head. It looks more like a vendetta as PM Modi had had stern words for him during his G20 visit. The opposition in Canada is highly critical of Justin’s behavior of straining a relationship with India with no valid reason. 

The Khalistani supporters wield great support from Justin Trudeau as a deal for the Prime Minister to retain his seat and power. Is Canada another Pakistan in the making? Using terror for political gains? The risk for Canada is that while Khalistan will never happen on Indian soil but possibility of Khalistan being carved out is high. 

It is no different in the case of the Ukrainian president. Zelensky is run out of steam for support from West Europe and the USA and is willing to continue to sacrifice his innocent population of the country, just for power, and anyhow fighting a losing battle with Russians. 

The grand success of the G20 in Delhi added another feather in the cap for India. The Asia Cup victory for India in cricket, the consistent GDP growth, and stronger government performance all augur well for India at the moment. 

It’s not the same for Poultry with IBH mortality being reported from several farms. There was a scare at the G20 when it was strongly rumored that India opened up poultry imports into India from the USA. Later it turned out that it was not related to our Chicken & eggs- which was a great sigh of relief. 

The China market is revived and so the Amino Acids prices are on the rise due to that. Alternative Raw Materials are the only future. Nevertheless, sourcing of right quality and use of tested and relevant Enzymes is the solution. The use of Maize for ethanol production will starve the feed industry soon. DDGS can be used only when there is a consistent quality that can be assured and that is a challenge. Production and sale of Toxin binders have a very wide range but it will be essential to test efficacy before use. Cheap toxin binders if not of the right quality can cause more damage than good. 

The grand success of Poultry Federation of India’s  (PFI) AGM at Goa is a new benchmark for the industry.