The Next-Gen!

The chick prices soar again as the prices for the chicken pickup due to the conditions in the market. The Raw Material prices continue to remain on the higher side and the added shortage due to lower placements have pushed the prices up leading to a rise in the day-old chick prices too. The Viral outbreaks in Maharashtra and a few North Indian states have had an impact on the farming in the region. The lower egg prices and higher feed costs are putting immense pressure on the layer farmers. The recent opening of the egg exports from India to the middle-east is not of great relief yet.

Mr. Bahadur Ali addressed the CII and highlighted the importance of the Soy Protein crisis which is being a regular feature. The importance of allowing imports only during a crisis is a good solution that needs to be favorably considered. The import should be regulated by way of Import Duty and not by a ban. While the Poultry industry is not against the Soybean producers but should not be at the cost of the Poultry farmer’s livelihood. There should be a proper balance between the Soy and Poultry farmers. Mr. Ali was in praise of the relevant ministers who have always supported the cause of the Poultry farmers from time to time during the crisis. But he was advocating a permanent solution to the Soy crisis which affects the livelihood of many poor farmers in the country.

The Americans will do well not to preach humanity to the rest of the world when all their history is soaked in the blood of the innocents in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and several other Latin American countries. The Americans telling India about how we will be recorded in history is blatantly ridiculous. India still is talking directly with Zelensky & Putin and not fueling the war with Arms and ammunitions and fiery speeches. India is pushing for a negotiated settlement and only sending humanitarian aid to the needy. The idea of ganging up with NATO and pushing Russia to the wall is indeed a bad idea. The response can be disastrous and can easily spark into a WW III in case a timely diffusion does not happen. The ego and power war is putting the planet on the brink of existence. The countries that genuinely do not want war will not supply them with deadly arms and ammunition and also push the civilians with arms to be killed by the opponent – who are trained, professional soldiers. India is concerned about the welfare of its own citizens and did not find it out of the way to import oil from Russia. Whereas Europe still continues to import huge quantities of Oil and Gas from Russia and heavily depend on it for their own economy. India objects to taking the war to areas that can affect the lives of the common people. The sanctions against Russia in the heat of the moment will hurt European nations the most in any case.

The impact of war in Ukraine has a direct impact on the availability and the prices of Wheat, Corn, and sunflower products for the Poultry and livestock industry. Now that India will see rising prices of these products as the exports can be the consequence of the shortage of these in the global markets.

The “Kashmir Files” has led to an emotional response by the public both locally and internationally. This movie which is more like a documentary has brought out untold consequences and reactions by the stunned public. The successful hiding of the truth in the so-called largest democracy of the world has shocked one and all. How can there be such a colossal scale of this massive cover-up of this planned genocide and the characters that did it are being exposed by the hour. The inhuman acts are difficult to comprehend in the mind of the people. Though it took 32 years, the truth did surface. It may be wrong to isolate a particular community to have done this wrong but at the same time to be silent and protect of protest the atrocity makes them tacit accomplice as argued by a few. But better late than never, it is high time the world knew the facts for the benefit of one and all. The government and the people should take cognizance of the facts and bring to books the culprits who roam free even today.

The thumping victory in UP by the Ruling BJP has settled scores with many opponents who were much more confident about themselves. The people were clear in their mandate and gave clean chit for development and equality among the society. Punjab had its own taste of victory by the AAP combo.

The mercury is rising with this summer indicating a severe summer this year ahead. The productions can be hit and the prices will continue to be volatile in the poultry.

The Next Gen is a welcome sign in the Poultry Industry. It is refreshing to note that Mr. Vignesh has taken over as the MD of Suguna Foods from his father Mr. GB Soundararajan. Of course, the industry has scores of examples of successful Next-Gen who have taken over their mantle from their families.