Tara Group organizes Lunch during Poultry India Expo

You’re all familiar with Tara Group in Hyderabad—the largest distributors of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in India, led by its Managing Director, Mr. D.S. Subramaniam, who also serves as the Vice President of the Poultry Federation of India (South Zone). Every year during the Poultry India Expo in Hyderabad, Tara Group organizes a lunch for all its customers, including Poultry Farmers, Doctors, Integrators, Feed Manufacturers, and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Dealers. Notably, Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Foreign Dignitaries from Pharmaceutical companies actively participate in this annual lunch event. This tradition has continued for several years, showcasing Tara Group’s corporate responsibility. Mr. Subramaniam mentions that at least once a year, this gesture allows him to give back to his society, particularly the Poultry Community.

The lunch program occurs on the first and second days of the Poultry Expo at the Club House of Aparna Orchids, situated adjacent to the Poultry India Expo Venue—a gated community of villas where Mr. Subramaniam resides. Its proximity to the Expo venue makes it incredibly convenient for visitors to participate. Many individuals from the Poultry Industry, including CEOs, Directors, National Heads, Managers, representatives, Customers, and Consultants, attend this esteemed lunch event.

Each day, the attendance for this lunch program exceeds 500 people. This distinctive approach by Tara Group in extending hospitality is widely appreciated by everyone involved.