Quick Bucks

The poultry farmers that are heavily dependent on soybean meal are constrained to conclude that solvent extractors are here to make a quick buck.
Globally the soy protein is the most important source of formulating proper nutrition for the animal feed industry. A small portion of it can be substituted with alternate sources only to save costs but is not possible to fully replace them as a practice. Though there are many other protein sources available yet the quality of the protein as an ingredient also has a huge technical and commercial impact on the livestock business. This year the roller coaster of soybean prices has destroyed the economics of the poultry and other farmers dependent on the soybean meal as a source of feed production. They have suffered huge losses that will take quite some time before they would recover. While extensive lobbying by the suffering farmers did bring in some relief by the government allowing extraordinary policy change of allowing the GM soybean meal import which acted as a balm to the pain. The traders and stock exchanges and hoarders were all quoted to have contributed to this farmers crisis though it did benefit the Soybean meal sellers. There is an accusation of the high level of manipulation by the juggling of the statistics by the vested interests to mislead the government and the farmers. Now the soybean meal producers try and lobby to stop the import demand to give relief to the soybean prices again plaguing the farming industry. Unless there is a better sense by both the producers, seller, and the buyers – the destruction and loss will occur to all of them since healthy business is not sustainable considering the happenings. Of course, it is strongly believed that the soybean meal producers and killing the proverbial Golden Goose out of greed. The farmers are united now to raise the common voices against any exploitation and that will have a negative impact on the soybean meal producers for sure.

The Poultry Federation of India (PFI) has tremendously strived to raise its voice and bring to the limelight the problems of the industry to the relevant authorities from time to time with result-oriented outcomes for the benefit of the farmers. It has actively collaborated with the stalwarts in the industry and all vital federations and associations to bring together a strong platform for the benefit of all in the Poultry Industry. The recent PFI – AGM followed by a powerful program of high-level interaction with the farmers the government officials and also the industry leaders. Somehow out of its sheer simplicity and tireless performances, PFI has gained recognition by one and all in the country and overseas – as a true body bringing the issues of the farmers timely to the authorities.

We also see a healthy growth of several successful alternative breeds both in the broiler and the laying hens making inroads and acceptance by the farmers. Farmers have also become more enlightened when they demand quality over price for feed, medicines, equipment, etc. Some of the leaders have been setting good examples for developing branded chicken and branded eggs and have tasted success. The future of the farmers is in stopping further expansion in production and startling to invest in marketing their products as a value-added product. If they can offer this in the surrounding region geographically they will survive and grow in the future.

The year 2021 has been a rough ride with a cocktail of continued Wuhan Virus, Soybean Meal Prices, and volatile market conditions.

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Poultry Technology wishes all its readers a very Happy, Safe and Profitable 2022.