LSDA: An innovative research facility and skill development centre for poultry

The fast growing, modern broiler lines are more dependent on proper environmental conditions. LSDA house has the capacity to house 840 birds, dedicated for broilers, layers and breeders. It contains 84 adjustable pens/blocks to accommodate 10 experimental birds in each pen and the pen can be further adjusted according to the design of the experiment (20 birds/pen, 30 birds/pen etc). The R&D house is equipped with automatic feeders and drinkers in each pen. It also offers an opportunity to conduct trials through water soluble supplements. 

LSDA is equipped with a feed pelleting mill with a capacity to produce pellets at 150kg per hour and crumbler for the production of crumbles. This helps in the formulation of experimental diet for trial birds.

LSDA provides a sophisticated and advanced lab facility including microbiological, wet chemistry and instrument section for testing of samples obtained from poultry research experiments, feed and feed supplements. LSDA is equipped  with sophisticated instruments, such as HPLC, GCMS MS, LCMS MS, ICP MS, etc., to analyse pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins, etc. in food and feed samples. LSDA laboratory is one of the most advanced in the country in the field of food and feed analysis.