INDO-DUTCH “Sustainability in Poultry”

The show attracted a good response from the elite of the poultry industry with a galaxy of prime speakers in their respective fields.

The idea of sustainability, which is a trending word around the world, yet with limited and narrowed understanding of the ‘how’ of it, is indeed a challenge!

The Dean of the College of Veterinary Science and A.H. at Veterinary University DUVASU Mathura, Prof (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Shukla, is a very popular and well-known figure in the industry. He has excellent interactions not only within the government but also with active associations and federations. He serves as an excellent bridge between government policies and the seamless benefits of knowledge and technology to the private sector, ultimately helping the farming community. Dr. PK Shukla made an exhaustive but impactful presentation on how the sustainability objectives in our poultry industry—more specific to it—were brilliantly explained and shared.

Mr. Bouke Hamminga (Director of PasReforms), another seasoned traveler from the Netherlands, shed light on how modern hatching technologies have a significant impact on sustainable poultry production. He introduced new concepts that helped accelerate growth and increase profitability.

Mr. Edouard Perrault, Director at SASSO (Hendrix Genetics), shared his experience of how genetic innovation and advancements were affecting the lives of rural farmers in traditional colored bird farming in tropical countries of Africa and Asia. This seems to have a positive impact on the Indian objective of doubling the farmers’ income. Easy management of the birds solves income generation and addresses nutritional requirements.

The Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands Embassy is not a new face at these events, having participated in numerous occasions at Poultry India. The industry appreciates him for offering such a beautiful platform for interaction between specialists, industrialists, and the government for the benefit of the poultry industry. The moderator and the audience expressed their immense happiness and gratitude for Michiel’s efforts in initiating such an event, which aims to connect countries in a useful exchange of ideas and partnerships for industry growth. There was a good number of Dutch investors, companies, and participants who always appreciated such events.

Mr. Selvan Kannan (Value Consultants) conducted the moderation with seamless flair, ensuring interactions that brought out the best from the speakers and the august audience, who were rapt in attention. All prominent media persons were present to cover the latest on sustainability!

The event concluded grandly with take home points and also gathering with dinner

Mr. Rambabu  from the NBSO did a good job in organizing this successfully  once again as in continuation of several of them in the past.