Globalization-A Conspiracy Gone Wrong

The concept of globalization was initially projected by calling the world a Global Village. The advanced countries saw opportunities for their produce in the borderless markets.  As years passed by the situation drastically changed. The dependence on other countries increased greatly to the extent that it became detrimental to their own security and safety – especially in times of crisis or war. Now the whole idea undergoing a change and realizes that it’s important to be independent & self-reliant. 

NIBPA – ( North India Broiler Producers Association) the birth of NIBPA – can be a game changer in future Broiler rate announcements in North India. The actual farmers are uniting just to get a fair market price so that they are free from exploitation by manipulated rates of the Delhi Mandi. It is positive in the sense that the producers of the chicken will now have a say – which is a welcome change.

Zelensky appears to be the biggest villain of his own people and country. Every hour his country is being demolished and innocent peace-loving Ukrainian citizens are losing their lives and livelihood. The ego to join NATO, at the expense of his own country is sheer madness. 

When two persons fight you calm them and reconcile them to peace; instead if you supply them with weapons then your intentions are clear. Ukraine is converted into a battlefield by those watching at the expense of the Ukrainian people. The Europeans were shocked by their cockeyed thinking. They blindly follow a myopic policy and have shot their own foot in the process. The EU heavily depend on these two countries ( Russia & Ukraine) for their energies- be it Gas or food grains. By fueling the war, they are digging their own grave. The common people in Europe are sufferers of meteoric price rises and rising inflation. It’s an irony that the Europeans raise the hue and cry about religious intolerance and other trivial human rights and animal rights issues but are least bothered about innocent lives being senselessly lost in this Ukraine war. 

It’s sad that Pakistan has evolved as a nation devoid of any culture. The corrupt ruling class- both the Army and the politicians have craftily hoodwinked the poor, innocent, illiterate, and gullible public. The public has been brainwashed to believe that their existence is only to liberate ( the imagined) victimized Muslim Kashmiris, school children are indoctrinated to survive to kill a kafir! Indians have sworn enemies to a Pakistani mind. They have been deliberately kept away from the stark realities. The common Pakistani is a victim of careful strategic manipulators for seven decades now. 

The world is perplexed about Indian foreign policies. Not opposing Russia, not giving weapons to Ukraine, and rushing aid to Turkey and Syria are all confusing for a western mind. India is following “Sanatan Dharma” – which beliefs in non-violence and upholding Humanity over religion and other divisions. For Indian Sanatana Dharma respecting humanity is first, religion is personal and an individual’s right and choice- as the creator is anyhow One irrespective of what name we may call him.