War – A lose-lose situation

India strongly opposes War and has minced no words about its views. Western politics tried hard to drag India into one or the other camp though India always stands with Peace and Humanity. It supports value for Human life and welfare rather than classifying them as Ukrainians and Russians. How does one justify killing fellow humans just by their nationality? The Europe War Mongering countries with clever instigation by the USA have all brought them to a knot! The Europeans shot their own foot when common sense would have told them that while they depend on Gas to heat their homes, Grains to eat their food from the same region of Russia and Ukraine, they end up betting to destroy both for their short-sightedness. The USA is best placed to fire over the shoulders of the Europeans and also encash by being a high-priced alternate gas supplier to Europe!

You don’t help two friends fighting by giving weapons as a solution- you add fuel to fire when you do that. India has stood by the rule to stop the war immediately and only supply humanitarian aid to the countries and not Weapons. India looks at Human beings and the common man suffering not a particular nationality! Not easy to understand this Hindu concept. You can never talk about peace by arming people with destructive weapons! Of course, the Weapons industry thrives and has an interest in War!

 The common man suffers the most in war! The politicians play on the lives of the soldiers and the common man. Why should innocent Human lives be lost? For the economy and the common man, it is a lose-lose situation. The colonial mindset of the British is yet to wear out of their minds. They have been alienated in Europe with Brexit and now chose the wrong Prime Minister purely on the reason based on race as being discovered. For the Brits to be ruled by an Indian is hard to go down the throat. Globally the Indians are not the preferred or priority but yet hold positions of pride and envy purely on their merit of the performance. The cry for the return of Rishi Sunak is growing louder – will need to see the wisdom dawning up on the citizens in the time to come. The Neo-Converts whether religious or citizens are a tribe to be feared because of their over-board mentality to prove their decision or point – that easily reaches dangerous levels. We can see many an example in society in this regard. The recent acidic comment by the British Minister of such nature has put the hard work on Free Trade Agreement between India and the United Kingdom in peril. Well, the loss is more for the British considering the pathetic economic conditions that they suffer now.

The conspicuous silence on the occasion of World Egg Day generally across the country is not a welcome sign. Except for one show at Hyderabad, there were no worthy efforts across the country. It raises questions as to the lack of reports on this occasion by the Associations, Federations and other Organisations have stakes in this important event. Definitely more is wanted from the stakeholders in the industry. We hold the position of the 3rd largest Egg producer in the World and the response is not commensurate with the position. Even scattered promotions by some of the pharma companies had the farming community mysteriously missing in the crowd! Some even distributed eats that were not Egg on World Egg Promotion Day – that is indeed quite mind-boggling!

The sign Self-destruct button is when the Farmers and stakeholders believe that their neighbors will do their job and refuse to take ownership and responsibility for their duties towards their own profession. For decades India holds a prominent position in Egg Production globally and also owes an influential role as a leader to set the right examples for the rest to follow. Is it a typical mentality that we raise an issue for what we need to get but want to be silent when it comes to giving?

The Farmers continue to struggle with Raw Material problems and poor prices- uncertainty looms large.