The layer industry is again going through a spell of a rough patch.
The multiple problems, higher raw material, and feed costs, lower realization, bad weather conditions, disease conditions, and viral infections, have all brought severe stress on the Layer Farmers. The weakest link has always been poor marketing and heavy dependence on the middleman. The poultry industry is cursed with insufficient and poor marketing efforts by the farmers and producers and thereby continues to suffer the consequences for the layer industry unless they make the best use of alternative raw materials and good use of workable and effective enzymes. It becomes a good question – when will we overcome this challenge satisfactorily? We have played the Victim- card for too long- it does not help anymore!

Ukraine and the Russian war look like a big global farce. Ukraine could have averted the war, If it refused to join NATO, which was one of the main conditions cited by Russia to attack Ukraine. Russia has bombed Ukraine, by the hour destroying most of its infrastructure but even today, Ukraine refuses to talk to Russia to stop the war. NATO is least interested in ceasing fire, as it is busy supporting Ukraine with all modern ammunition, weapons, and planes. How does one stop the war if they fuel the country with more weapons? Ukraine is hungry for more weapons from around the globe and seeks humanitarian aid from India, what a paradox, The west wants India to stop importing oil from Russia, but at the same time end up increasing their own import from Russia – dual standards. In any case, Russia is having the last laugh as its current inflation rate is lesser than that of Europe and the USA.

Europe is realizing its folly in supporting Ukraine blindly. The whole of Europe has suffered significant damages in the process that affected its energy supplies, food grain supplies, trade, and skyrocketing inflation and in-employment. Europe with all its intelligence has fallen victim to blindly toeing the American policy. America is the biggest beneficiary of this war as it encashes higher Oil sale prices, blossomed weapon sales, and uses up NATO countries to also rake in their contribution in this war. Surprising to see how the European democracies work. The people are the worst sufferers and victims but their government does exactly the opposite!

One of the state governments is using an iron hand to root out and eliminate Goonda-ism and Mafia culture. The people do not shy away from openly expressing their happiness as they are all victims for several decades with no hope in sight. It is shocking that the opposition dares to voice against the government in support of the Mafia and criminals. Religious group also voice their support against a criminal personality with more than 100 registered criminal cases. Political parties voice their support for him exposing clear nexus between them. It’s time that the knowledgeable public is aware of these and take intelligent decisions at the ballot.