Vet Varsity holds record production of 16 live piglets from one gilt of Large White Yorkshire breed

An exotic gilt of Large White Yorkshire (LWY) breed housed in Pig farm of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana records the production of 16 live piglets in first farrowing. This is one of the rarest incidences and first of its kind with such a large litter size produced by primiparous animals of swine species. Government of India purchased 237 pigs of three breeds namely Large White Yorkshire (LWY), Landrace and Hampshire for NE states and housed them at Government pig breeding farm, Nabha and Hoshiarpur in June 2020. GADVASU procured 33 pigs of LWY (20 females and 6 males) and 7 pigs of landrace breed (4 females and 3 males) with a total of 33 pigs out of this herd in May 2021. One of these LWY females was this gilt which was bred with the exotic male from Nabha of this lot. At the time of procurement both the male and female were about 5-6 months of age. The pigs were fed scientifically formulated maize-soybean based diets along with University made mineral mixture and common salt separately made for growing, breeding and adult animals for proper attainment of growth and body weight prior to mating. Proper and timely vaccination was followed to safeguard safety measures against infectious diseases like Swine Fever, FMD and HS. Proper housing and management was given to the pigs to ensure adequate level of comfort devoid of any stress. A proper scientific breeding plan was executed to avoid inbreeding and have optimum litter size. A total of 17 piglets were delivered out of which 16 survived. Immediately after delivery, utmost care was given to the nursing piglets due to large litter size. In addition, the nursing piglets were also fed fresh cow and goat milk in the required amounts for proper growth and body weight attainment. Owing to the wake of pandemic COVID-19, such performance of animals is highly appreciable. Dr Ashwani Kumar Singh (Reproduction), Dr Udeybir Chahal (Nutrition), Dr Subhash Chandra (Housing and Management), Dr Vishal Mahajan (Health), Dr S S Sodhi (Breeding) and Dr Gursher Sidhu (Reproduction) were the team members.

Dr J P S Gill, Director of Research, Dr S P S Ghuman, Dean College of Veterinary Science and Dr R S Grewal congratulated the team members for crediting another success in the cap of the University.

Dr Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor praised the efforts made by GADVASU scientists for contributing towards the upliftment of swine species. He further advocated that such highly prolific breeds of pigs will be helpful for the pig farmers of Punjab State for genetic improvement of their regular stock and will play a pivotal role in socio-economic upliftment and nutritional security of rural people. Dr. Singh said that varsity is pursuing with Punjab Govt. to set up a pork processing plant in the state which is the need of the hour.

Sh. Giriraj Singh, Union Cabinet Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department applauded the achievement of GADVASU on his Twitter handle and Facebook Page.