Variations in feed processing and Its Effective Management

On 14th May 2022, Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. conducted a Technical seminar on topic “Variations in feed processing and Its Effective Management”. The key note was delivered by guest speaker Mr. Girish Mulekar, a well-known personality in feed industry with an experience of more than 45 years.

The program started with Deep prajvalan, followed by welcome address by Dr CV Chandrasekaran, Vice President, Optima Life Sciences, Pune.

Cost on feed comprises of 70% to 80% of the total cost of production. Even minor changes in the feed can cause a big loss to integrators and feed millers. Along with this, the feed millers are constantly facing challenges of poor quality and adulteration in raw materials which forces them to change the feed formulation. While managing the availability of raw material, the cost of feed production often goes up. Moreover, it also affects feed quality resulting in poor performance of the birds.

This was main point of discussion where Feed industry expert Mr. Girish Mulekar expressed his views. He explained how raw materials and its quality plays an important role in efficiency of the feed mill. For optimized production with low input cost, there are some critical factors which need to be taken into consideration. He made the audience aware on identifying the challenges with higher precision. Audience was also enlightened with strategies to tackle them.

Technical seminar was succeeded with a session by Mr. Omkar Kulkarni, Commercial Manager, Feed Milling Solutions. He explained about solutions provided by Optima for improving the feed milling efficiency.

Later in the Q&A session audience shared their real-life experiences and issues faced by them during feed processing. Mr. Girish Mulekar guided with possible strategies with respect to individual challenges.

On the occasion of this Technical Seminar, Optima Life Sciences Honoured Dr Jagjeet Singh for his efforts and contribution in the progress of India poultry industry. On behalf of whole poultry industry, Optima Life Sciences pays its heartfelt gratitude to Dr Jagjeet.

The session was concluded by vote of thanks by Mr. Anand Mudgil, Assistant General Manager, Optima Life Sciences.