Unjust – Justice!

India is a great democracy, and a vibrant one in the world as it has proven in its elections process recently. 

Got their reasons, many countries take it as a right to be involved in the political decisions of India. Indian foreign minister is renowned for apt and timely statements given his true reactions of credibility of countries that are doing free advice. 

International interference in Indian politics is getting quite dangerous; when they can live with the position or even anti-national elements like it’s being done by Canada openly and other organizations. There are multiple forces, that prefer India to be destabilized from a religious angle, political angle, commercial angle, and others, etc.

Americans are struggling to pin down TikTok which steals the data from every individual.  The West could learn lessons from Mr Narendra Modi, who slashed, TikTok along with 56 other Apps mostly of the Chinese that were a threat to the security of India. The US has a lot to learn from the strong Indian leadership. 

India must prepare to do what must be done- break the cordon of legal terror! The collegium of judges abuses their discretionary powers, unashamedly to favour the corrupt. Indians are more aware today as a whole and the country must and will arise to set this inherited British anomaly as soon as possible.  The interim bail given to Kejariwal was not even demanded by the accused CM and was easily passed against the strongest opposition by ED & CBI. This has shocked the legal elite, the common man, and the international community. Is, the Indian legal system decaying?

The CM of Delhi is popular and known for all the wrong reasons. But deftly and cleverly able to manipulate things in his favor. Is this a sign that in a democracy the truth can be lame and blind? Serious gaps need to be plugged!

The lower grain prices for the farmer have helped in lower feed costs but getting evened out with higher farm mortality due to summer stress and disease conditions. 

The judges of the Supreme Court of India exercising their special powers are passing judgment that is shocking the society and the nation. To pass orders beyond the common understanding and against logical and rational thinking is absurd. The recent special treatment and favors bestowed upon the Delhi CM against liquor scams are highly questionable even in the legal community. The justice ( collegium ) system needs to be urgently revamped before such a large democracy becomes a laughing stock. 

Assaulting a woman in the highest office of the CM and playing politics is highly condemnable. It appears that the victim and the accused have their political ambitions beyond human values. The victim also is not setting the right example especially when she holds and represents the public position in her roles and capacity. Her somersault on visiting the police station but not filing the FIR for many days. Are vested interests preventing her from taking a free and fair logical course against this highly deplorable shameful event? It is not about Kejariwal and Swati but about the values of women’s respect and security. Both of them are office bearers and political figures with social responsibility and must act and behave with that awareness!!

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