The International Poultry Council and Poultry Federation of India Signs Agreement to Endorse Antimicrobial Use Stewardship Principles in Bangkok, during VIV Asia.

On March 08, 2023, The International Poultry Council (IPC) at a program during VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand was pleased to announce eight private-sector organizations that have recognized the importance of responsible antimicrobial use and are endorsing the council’s antimicrobial use stewardship principles.

These international leaders, representing over 15% percent of the global broiler production, include six associations and two companies, and together they represent a collective effort in reducing reliance on antimicrobials globally. These organizations were recognized as leaders for adopting the antimicrobial use stewardship principles and serve as an example for others that want to make a tangible impact on global health security.

  1. Poultry Federation of India (PFI)
  2. Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA)
  3. Federación Nacional de Avicultores de Colombia (FENAVI)
  4. Unione Nazionale Filiere Agroalimentari Carni e Uova (UNAITALIA)
  5. Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association (TBA)
  6. Vietnam Poultry Association (VIPA)
  7. DABACO Group, a Vietnam-based company
  8. Kenchic Limited, a Kenya-based company

The International Poultry Council is the unified voice of the global poultry sector that represents 86% of poultry meat exports and 73% of the volume of poultry meat production. IPC works to strengthen communication between the industries of different countries, promotes a common global understanding of and confidence in poultry products, represents the global poultry sector with international organizations and agencies, shares science-based solutions and information across the whole poultry supply chain, promotes a balanced regulatory framework to support a fair global playing field and promotes, supports and encourages the sustainable development of animal production for global food security.

Poultry Federation of India , the foremost national level Organization established in the year 1988, being the voice of the Indian Poultry Industry, signed a agreement with International Poultry Council to endorse the antimicrobial use stewardship principles. On behalf of PFI, this agreement was signed by Mr. Ricky Thaper, Treasurer, Poultry Federation of India in the presence of PFI Executive members Dr. Jeetendra Verma, Dr. Dinesh Arora, & Mr. Parveen Kumar and by Mr. Robin Horel, President, and Mr. Nicolo Cinotti, Secretary General. International Poultry Council.

While addressing the gathering, Mr. Ricky Thaper told the audience that Poultry Federation of India is constantly working and committed towards the protection, welfare and the overall growth and development of the poultry sector.

“Critical actions for addressing antimicrobial use start at the farm,” said Robin Horel, President, International Poultry Council. “We commend these organizations for acknowledging the importance of intentional antimicrobial use not only for the benefit of animals, but for the impact on human health by reducing the risk of resistant pathogens spreading around the world.”

“We know that human health is linked with the health of animals,” said Annie Kneedler, Chief of Party for TRANSFORM. This is the latest initiative from TRANSFORM, a project created to advance market-driven animal health solutions that increase global health security and increase access to safe and affordable animal-sourced nutrition. Led by a private-sector consortium that includes Cargill, Ausvet, Heifer International and IPC, TRANSFORM aims to drive lasting, systemic change through animal health data applications, antimicrobial use stewardship and on-farm practices that support animal health and economic sustainability.

Other eminent speakers at the conference were Mr. Thanawat Tiensin, Director, FAO, Mr. Nicolo Cinotti, Secretary General, International Poultry Council, Dr. Daniel Schar, Advisor, USAID and Mr. Dennis Erpelding.