Novus is recognized as one of the most reputed feed additive brands in the region

Neeraj Kumar Srivastava
Managing Director, South Asia & South-East Asia

Q. You and your company have had an amazing journey, you have seen India’s economy evolve in many sectors. My first question is what were the key milestone or turning points of your whole journey?

The agriculture and livestock sector in India has evolved to the next level since Novus was founded over 30 years ago. The importance of protein consumption is understood and realized by our customers in a better way, which has helped our industry to grow at a much faster pace than other sectors in our country. My first challenge when I joined Novus was to build a strong, high-performing team as I feel people are the backbone of any successful organization. Working with a highly competent and skillful team, we developed the right strategy for the market and our timely execution resulted in a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 26% during the last four years. 

Q. What were the early lessons that you learn while transforming the Novus group?

As I said earlier, the biggest challenge was getting the right talent for the right role. Being an MNC (multinational corporation), aligning with Novus’s values and vision in the region was a key priority. Today, Novus is recognized as one of the most reputed feed additive brands in the region. 

Abishek Shingote

Sr. Director, Global Strategic Marketing

Q. Branding was a new game for the Indian industry. What were the salient features that you put in place?  What was the brand architecture that you look at?

Branding is all about creating awareness and visibility of products, services, people, and the organization. In the last three years, our team has strived to build strong visibility of the Novus brand in the Indian market and Novus increased its branding activities through digital marketing very aggressively. Today we are present on many social media platforms, at industry events, trade shows, and exhibitions, and in leading industry magazines.

Our global brands under the umbrella of MINTREX® chelated trace minerals and CIBENZA® enzyme feed additives are the most prominent in the industry.

Q. How do you see data, as you are working across markets and across segments?  How important is data analytics for you?

Data is critical for any business’s success; it helps to make the right strategy and make decisions. As our industry is quite fragmented into different species/segments, it becomes important for any organization to have the right segmentation and decide on the go-to-market strategy.