Mastitis and Repeat Breeding menace can exhaust your Dairy Profits: GADVASU Experts

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Ludhiana conducted its monthly meeting with Progressive Livestock Farmer’s Association (PLFA®) on 9th May 2024 in its Silver Jubilee Auditorium at Ludhiana. Disclosing this, Dr Parminder Singh; Additional Director Extension Education informed that 81 dairy farmers from all parts of Punjab attended the seminar. He stated that occurrence of mastitis and failure to conceive is the main reasons in declining the profitability in a dairy farms. Sometimes farmers are forced to sell their affected animals or close the dairy operations due to these ailments.   In this context special lectures were arranged and 1st lecture was delivered by Dr Jasneet Singh; Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine on mastitis control in the dairy farm. He reiterated that mastitis is more or less a management problem. When certain management guidelines are ignored or wrongly performed may lead to acute or sub acute mastitis. He advised the farmers for pre and post milking protocols. He cautioned the quality of water, utensils, syringes and floor when milking is done. The uncleanness of labour, their clothing, hands etc. add to the problem. Poor feeding, any type of stress trigger the low immunity causing increased incidences. He explained the different causative organisms, their symptoms and drugs of choice. He advised to give more importance to parental therapy than intra mammary infusions. He explained the dos and don’ts during intra mammary infusions. He briefed about the dry cow therapy. He advised the farmers for proper cleaning of milking machines.

2nd expert lecture on repeat breeding was delivered by Dr RK Sharma, Head Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education. He categorized the problem of repeat breeding in two broad areas – animal related & management related. He cautioned to select semen for future breed improvement on the basis of udder health, its size, teat shape & size and index for mastitis resistance. He showed various deformities in semen and sperms which are genetic in nature resulting poor & abnormal fertility He explained properly the protocols of doing the artificial semination rightfully by taking all precautions step by step. Timing of the AI and quickness of AI plays important role. The temperature of water, shape of the container and sterile AI guns improve fertility.   He advised the farmers for balanced feed taking care of all the vital nutrients i.e. energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. Over feeding and under feeding; both are detrimental to the shape and size of egg and sperm. He stressed upon using extra vitamins when silage is being fed continuously. He showed the proper AI method and technique to handle the animal and passing of gun at right spot. All the precautions taken during and after AI were also discussed.  

Dr Love Ahuja, Techno commercial manager from M/s Neospark highlighted the importance of biosecurity at dairy farm. He advised the farmers to restrict the movement of strangers in their farm. He asked the farmers to maintain good quality of silage also. He introduced the product Silatek which is good inoculant and maintains the quality of silage with little spoilage. He introduced his company’s product related to anti stress, liver health and anti fungal.

Mr Sandeep Singh Randhawa, President PLFA thanked the university authorities for providing the physical facilities and M/s Neospark for sponsoring the meeting. He asked the dairy farmers to take precautions in daily routine and be at your farm during milking and feeding. He discussed the activities of PLFA in recent past and announced the forthcoming PLFA Dairy Show in the month of December 2024 with the help of all the stakeholders.  

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