Many NAMSTE’S and smiles after 2019.

International Health Care Limited (PVS Group) gathered number of clients with smiles, satisfactions and expectations in south Asia’slargest expo – Poultry India 2022.

International Health Care Limited (PVS Group) met many poultry farmers, customers, veterinarians, consultants, distributors and almost all people who belong to the industry.International Health Care Limited (PVS Group) has shown strong presence in this event. The Poultry India is the south Asia’s largest poultry show, many local and international companies exhibited in this show and present their products and services.All in all, the event was a great success for IHCL (PVS Group) after COVID-2019.

International health care limited (PVS Group) is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter for poultry, veterinary and aqua health care products having excellence, experience and expertise for over 30 years. The poultry India show is an ideal and regular platform for PVS clients and end users to know more about the PVS Group. Dr. Seshaiah V. Pamulapati -Chairman and Managing Director met all business partners,poultry farmers, poultry integrators,industrial stalwarts and explained aboutcompany’s future road map. PVS Group is having larger production capacities of health care products in its existing manufacturing plants i.e.,125 tons in powder, 48000 ltrs in liquid, 0.8 tons in bolus and 21 KL in probiotics-all capacities are per shift. Apart from this existing facilities PVS Group recently expanded manufacturing facilities over in 15 acres area in Mallavalli (near Vijayawada) to meet future demand and supply. According to Dr PVS the upcoming production facilities in Mallavalli are ready with its full-fledged capacities, by adding these new facilities in to existence, PVS Group will become the largest manufacturer in India in poultry/veterinary/aqua health care industry.

Mr. Arun Pamulapati -Director and Dr. Ajit Jadhav -General Manager welcomed all visitors and explained about company’s manufacturing facilities and company’s core products. PVS Group had showcased important poultry products- METABO, EGGRON, PROTOX-SPECIAL, GAINBRO, RELAX-DS, RENIL etc.

Always Poultry India is one of the best events for PVS Group to meet all people from the industry. As a one-stop solutionin the manufacturing, customers strongly believein PVS Group interms of quality production and transparency inbusiness. IHCL (PVS Group) all staff together shared and exchanged the knowledge with the all visitors and were remarkable at representing the company in the event of Poultry India-2022.