Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health – South Asia Hosts Webinars for Layer Segment During Intestinal Health Week

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – South Asia successfully hosted its Intestinal Health Week Series webinars for the layers segment in South Asia. The two-day event included four speakers and 316 participants. 

On the first day, Dr. Doug Korver, Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, and Dr. S Chandrasekar, Marketing Manager, spoke on intestinal and skeletal health for layers and pre-pullet management. 

On the second day, D. Chandrasekaran, Poultry Nutritionist, Professor and Retired Head, TANUVAS; and Dr. Vaibhav Bhamare, Product Manager, spoke on the focus areas of layer management and gut health and optimization of production cost in the layers segment. 

Kemin’s brand ambassadors for intestinal health circulated video invitations to contacts, and customized invitations were circulated on social media, direct email, HubSpot and industry web portals. 

​​​​​​​With high level of commitment to sustain trust in Kemin’s intestinal health segment in the region, more of such webinars are lined up for the year.