IPEMA Announces the Success of the Nepal-India Poultry International Expo-2024, a First-of-Its-Kind Event

The Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA) is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Nepal-India Poultry International Expo-2024, a ground-breaking and first-of-its- kind event between India and Nepal for the benefit of the poultry industry in both countries. After the recent accomplishment of Meat and Poultry Industry Russia Expo 2024 in May, this event marks another milestone in IPEMA’s efforts to explore new business opportunities globally.

The three-day expo, held from May 31st to June 2nd, 2024, at the Chitwan Expo Center in Bharatpur, Nepal, attracted over

75 participating companies and more than 6800 visitors from across the region. The event was graced by Ms. Renu Dahal, Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Nepal, as the Chief Guest.

The expo showcased pioneering innovations in poultry production, featuring representations from feed, food, pharmaceuticals, equipment, and breeders. IPEMA members proudly showcased their high-quality products, “Made in India,” to a global audience.

The Nepal-India Poultry International Expo-2024 was a resounding success, promoting various poultry companies from India and Nepal and providing a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among industry leaders. The event featured a technical and scientific program, which included international seminars on poultry nutrition, feed milling, feed safety, health, global perspectives, and waste management.

The event also displayed Participation by renowned international brands from countries such as Italy, Belgium, and China. Another highlight of the expo was the ‘Poultry Pathshala’, the knowledge-sharing sessions, which spanned three days and

focused on various segments of the poultry industry. Day I catered to poultry veterinarians, academicians, scientists, nutritionists, extension officers, poultry consultants, and farm managers. Day II focused on poultry field technicians, farmers, farm supervisors/workers, students, early and mid-career poultry professionals, suppliers, traders, and allied sectors. Day III continued to cater to these groups, covering additional important topics.

IPEMA is proud to have represented its members and various poultry companies from both India and Nepal at this expo. The event has been a grand success, showcasing the dynamic growth of the poultry industry and promoting invaluable connections among stakeholders. The association looks forward to building on this success and further strengthening its relationships with stakeholders in the region.

The date for the next edition of the Nepal-India Poultry International Expo will be determined by consensus among the

Executive Advisory Committee members constituted for the event.

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