Avitech Nutrition launches Nanosel – Nano Size Selenium

Avitech Nutrition recently launched NanoSel – nano size Selenium for the animal feed market.

Nano technology is an emerging technology with a promising potential and diverse application in many areas such as human health, animal nutrition and animal feed. While trace minerals are commonly used in animal feeds, their effectiveness is often limited due to factors such as low bioavailability, antagonism and high wastage rates.

NanoSel is a nano size Selenium. NanoSel is a highly bioavailable, stable and safe source of dietary Selenium. It is free-flowing, dust free and easy to mix. NanoSel helps enhance immune response, antioxidant defence, hormone metabolism, cell growth, meat quality etc. With a broad safety margin and superior antioxidant enzyme activity, NanoSel represents the optimumchoice for Selenium delivery in animal nutrition.